NHL’s Dallas Stars Support Men in Bathrooms with our Wives and Daughters

It is apparent now one of the strategies of the left is attempting to impose sexual deviancy on the rest of us. It is to follow the trail of cities that are awarded special sporting events, and then pressure the states in which those cities reside to support or oppose legislation that would be detrimental to their causes.

Sports has now been taken over by the immoral left, and are being used to beat governments into submission. The lever is the money accompanying these events.

With the Dallas Stars, it was the awarding of the NHL draft to the city with lots of fanfare. Not long after, we now have the bizarre and irrelevant opposition to the Texas “Bathroom Bill,” which would keep mentally ill and and rebellious men and women from going into bathrooms of the opposite sex.

Why Stars’ President Jim Liltes came out with this statement concerning sending men into women’s or little girl’s bathrooms and women into men’s or little boy’s bathrooms, is puzzling to say the least.

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He said in a statement that the Stars are “strongly opposed to any legislation perceived as discriminatory.” So a perception of discrimination means the Dallas Stars hockey organization supports potential sexual predators going into bathrooms, and at least, supports the idea of men or women of the opposite sex being in bathrooms with our spouses or children. This is sick.

When this happened in North Carolina, pressure from the totalitarians to boycott the state, including the NBA, in response to a similar law, forced lawmakers in the state to roll back most of it.

The Texas Legislature is controlled by Republicans. We’ll now see whether or not they deserve the well-earning moniker of “cuckservatives,” as it’s increasingly apparent they have lost the will to even conserve women’s and men’s bathrooms. My question is since this is true, what good are they? And should they in any way be identified as conservatives in its true meaning?

What has become apparent to those closely watching the actions of conservatives, is for the most part, the majority no longer are interested in winning. They’re more interested in caving in to their liberal, progressive, SJW masters in order to keep from having to fight protracted battles and be talked bad about in the mainstream media.

The truth is the majority of Americans still support conservatism from a cultural point of view, and if states like North Carolina had stuck to their guns, more states would have followed in their footsteps, essentially undercutting the obvious strategy being used to impose deviance on Americans.

After all, did anyone seriously think North Carolina needs the NBA or NCAA? They need North Carolina more than North Carolina needs them. This is even more true in Texas. Texas needs to hold to its guns and pass this Bill into law.

There’ll be a lot of screaming and hollering, but it would set an example of courage and resistance that others would follow. Then we’ll see how long these converged sports organizations align with the left.

As confirmed by the ongoing fall of Disney’s ESPN, the right is sick and tired of listening to the left narrative being thrust upon them when wanting to do nothing but watch sports and listen to the accompanying commentary on the game, participants, and leagues in general. They’ve voted with their dollars to abandon the ESPN propaganda network, which shows in the consistently declining number of subscribers to ESPN.

The same would happen if and when states resist the pressure to conform to what God calls an abomination, meaning men wearing women’s clothes and women wearing men clothes. That isn’t just what is worn being talked about, but the entire mentality that leads to the action.

As for the NHL, it has foolishly and irresponsibly partnered with “You Can Play Project,” which is a support group that works to pressure sports to accept the deviant lifestyles of those in opposition to traditional relationships and marriage.

Here’s what You Can Play Project said in a released statement:

“We would encourage our partners at the NHL to carefully consider the message sent to fans – all fans – by holding the 2018 NHL Draft celebration in a state that has chosen to write discrimination into law. Hosting events like the draft is a privilege. We believe events like this should be held in states, cities and venues where all fans, athletes and their families feel welcome.”

Look closely at what it says in the beginning of the statement. It wants the NHL to “consider carefully consider the message sent to fans – all fans – by holding the 2018 NHL Draft celebration in a state that has chosen to write discrimination into law.”

In other words, the tiny minority really doesn’t want all fans considered, only those aligning with their worldview. After all, if all fans were considered, the vast majority completely reject the idea of having men invade women’s bathrooms where our grandmothers, mothers, wives or daughters are privately using.

To me, the owners of the Dallas Stars should immediately fire Jim Lites and apologize to the majority of fans that want the women in their lives safe from this outrageous intrusion on their privacy.

As someone who has been a fan of the Dallas Stars from the time they were in Minnesota as the Minnesota North Stars, they’ve done something I never thought could happen: turn into someone that now opposes who they are and what they officially represent.

Now fans should do an “ESPN” on them and abandon buying tickets to teach them that we have no interest in them supporting the opposite sex going to the bathroom with our family and friends.

For conservatives, this will be a great public test to see if they have any relevance to the country, and have any interest in winning.

Gary Bourgeault

Gary has launched, acquired or managed a number of businesses over the years, as well as, for a period of time, being a financial advisor. Since 2005 he's been writing for a living, focusing on investing, economics, business, and writing books in his spare time. Most important, he's looking at ways to provide alternatives for Christians, conservatives, and others on the right to have platforms that can give a voice to those that are being censored. His latest effort is to provide a vision and practical steps to spread Christian civilization around the world. One part of that is a new website called newcreationcivilization.com.

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