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NFL Still Struggling With Star Spangled Sitters Only DAYS From Kickoff

 As the nation begins to gear up for yet another season of football, all eyes are on the NCAA and the collegiate version of the contest, while the pro teams continue to struggle with what is and isn’t appropriate in terms of patriotism.

What began as a misguided protest against “racial injustice”, (whatever that vagary entails), has spiraled into a catch-all conundrum of anti-patriotic fervor on the sidelines of the National Football League.  Overpaid players have taken to offending Americans with their various antics during the playing of the National Anthem, as this method of “protest” has garnered them all a great deal of attention via ultraliberal ESPN.

In the cult of athletic celebré, this sort of exposure can equate directly to cash, making the shameful protests nothing more than a money-grabbing stunt for these often lesser-known players.

With only a few hours left until kickoff for the 2018 season, however, it seems as though the NFL has done very little to determine how they’ll handle the issue come game day.

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The NFL and the NFL Players Association, have “expressed hope” that they will reach an agreement on what to do about the league’s anthem policy before the 2018 season begins.

After the league put its new anthem policy on hold after a grievance was filed by the National Football League Players Association (NFLPA), the two sides announced that they would participate in what the Washington Post described as “face-to-face meetings.”

“That’s the point of this, to have some conversation to come up with a plan that’s agreeable to both sides. We need to sit down and talk. That’s probably how it should have started out in the first place,” Buffalo Bills linebacker Lorenzo Alexander told the paper via phone.

Another source told the paper that both sides are sensitive to the fact that the season is only just over a week away even though there is no “hard timeline” or any exact schedule for these promised meetings.

As for this American, I’ll be continuing to keep an eye on the NCAA, where the athletes are working harder for far, far less than their bratty, expensive professional counterparts.

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