NFL Rejects Patriotic Super Bowl Ad Over Anthem Kneeler Message

With the big game just a few nights away, you would think that the failing NFL would be doing everything in its power to maximize their last shot at advertising revenue.

Instead, Roger Goodell and the gang are doing what they’ve done all season:  Throwing the American people under the bus and refusing to acknowledge the enormous disconnect that exists between their bratty, attention-starved athletes and the working class fans who keep the league afloat.

Throughout the 2017 season, players from nearly all teams in the National Football League have participated in a Colin Kaepernick-inspired protest of “racial injustice”.  While Americans are certainly always within their right to speak their minds, these players are doing so at an offensive juncture in the games’ ceremonies, choosing to sit, kneel, or stretch during the playing of our nation’s National Anthem.

As expected, this move doesn’t sit well with the Americans who have grown up respecting that sacred moment in U.S. sports.

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Yes, we are a nation of extremely lucky individuals who have the privilege of free time, and the privilege of enjoying sporting entertainment.  That is not the case in all nations of the world.  Furthermore, the extremely well-compensated athletes of American professional sports have the privilege of making small fortunes every time that they step onto the field.

Where exactly do you think these privileges come from?  They are certainly not gifted to us by The Almighty, even though the skills of some of these athletes could be considered divine in origin.

No, these privileges come from the freedoms of America – freedoms that only exist because of the men and women who revere and respect the flag, the anthem, and all that they stand for.  Disrespecting these symbols should be a Scarlet Letter of sorts.  It screams “I don’t need these freedoms to succeed”, and we all know that this simply isn’t true.

Now, an advertisement created for the sole purpose of reiterating this fact has been pulled from the upcoming Super Bowl, presumably in order to save the NFL the embarrassment of their debacle.

“AMVETS officials are saying that the National Football League censored their TV advertisement because it criticized the league’s widespread protests against the country during the playing of the national anthem.

“The nation’s largest veterans service organization was approached by the NFL to place an ad during the big game this year but when AMVETS submitted the ad containing the hashtag ‘#PleaseStand,’ the NFL rejected it, according to the Army Times.

“The ad, projected to cost the group $30,000, also featured veterans saluting the flag and ended with information on how to donate to the charitable organization.

“AMVETS National Commander Marion Polk reported that the NFL rejected the ad but did not give a reason for the decision.”

Controversy seems to be an intrinsic part of the NFL at this point, with a number of fans claiming that the league is also actively interfering in the outcome of games in order to build drama, conflict, and ratings.

This theory has been put to the test several times over the last few weeks as referees were seen celebrating with the Patriots during a recent playoff game.  Additionally, the idea of Tom Brady winning yet another Super Bowl has much of America tuning in simply to root against the aging quarterback – leading many to believe that the NFL’s marketing plans included a Patriots Super Bowl bid merely to capture this angry demographic in a season already scant with revenue.

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