NFL Hall of Famer Jim Brown on Trump: “I’m Pulling” for Him, “He is Going to Be for All the People”!

From WikiCommons Photo by Marsha Miller

NFL Hall of Famer Jim Brown isn’t just one of the greatest running backs and football players of all time, he was also a very important figure in the Civil Right’s movement.

He marched with some of the most heroic figures of the mid-twentieth century and he pled with a nation of football fans to not only support him on the field but to support African-Americans in our culture. Brown often “put his money where his mouth was” and risked his career, his financial future, and his comfort to do fight for the cause of equality, and that history likely led to the question he was recently asked on ESPN’s Sportscenter. Brown was on ESPN earlier this week when he was asked for his thoughts on the recent election, and the fact that Donald Trump was now our President-elect when he surprised more than a few people by expressing his support and great hope for Donald Trump’s presidency.

I think that things are being shaken up. I think that people are being provoked to come out with their real feelings. I think that it looks negative a great degree, but I think that any time you put a person in a position of responsibility that their good side can come out. So, Donald is going to either be a great leader and shake things up the right way, or he’s going to shake things up the wrong way and that’s going to make the great people come out and resist it.

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So, it’s just not going to be neutral. It’s not going to lay dead. It’s going to be very provocative and I’m hoping it will be provocative in a very positive way. So, I’m pulling for the president. He is the president, and I know that he is going to be for all the people and I hope that that bravado that he presents becomes a positive energy so that we could all get behind doing the right thing.

If only everyone could have the same spirit and reaction to Mr. Trump’s soon-to-be presidency, our nation would be far better off for it. While many Republicans were terrified of what an Obama presidency could bring (and eventually did bring), many of those same people at least voiced their support for his presidency and hoped that he would be successful. Sadly, many of our worst fears about Obama were eventually realized… but still we did not riot, we did not throw tantrums and threaten our neighbors. No, instead we marched peacefully, organized rallies, and led the GOP to stunning electoral victories in both state and national legislatures.

If only the Democrats could react in a similarly adult manner.

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