NFL About to Get Heaping Dose of Reality as Veterans Day Protests Begin

The National Football League is entering a nightmare scenario as the offensive anthem protests of its overpaid players collides with Veterans Day weekend.

The league itself has been woefully remiss in addressing players who chose to disrespect the National Anthem by kneeling, sitting, hiding, or otherwise not standing and saluting the flag during the song’s playing.  This all began with Colin Kaepernick during the 2016 season when the now-unemployed 2nd stringer began protesting the American flag as a way to lambast law enforcement.  He would later go on to wear clothing that portrayed cops as “pigs” before his skill set was deemed far too meager for his career to continue.

Kaepernick was highly successful in one arena, however:  Self promotion.

The anthem stunt immediately catapulted Colin to the top of the sports news heap, as ESPN and other outlets picked up the story and ran with it for months.  This led to an onslaught of anthem protests from players who otherwise would never have seen their names on the network, all hoping to bite off a piece of the Kaepernick publicity pie.

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The NFL didn’t flinch, or react at all when these protests became commonplace, leading many fans to implore action by Commissioner Roger Goodell.  Goodell refused, angering the Americans who make his brand profitable in the first place, and sending the entire league into an abysmal spiral of receding revenues.

Now that the Veterans Day holiday is upon us, and the NFL has still refused to admit their mistake, the league is facing an enormous conflict that will likely climax this afternoon.

“A Facebook page called ‘Boycott the NFL,’ boasting more than 227,000 followers, is asking football fans to skip watching Sunday’s games ‘in solidarity with veterans around the country,’ the Washington Times reported.

“In New Jersey, a bar in Farmingdale called Woody’s Roadside Tavern plans to hold a fundraiser for veterans and their families, instead of showing NFL games on the bar’s 20 television screens, reported.

“In Colorado, a decorated local veteran recently turned down an invitation from the Denver Broncos to be honored during Sunday night’s game against the New England Patriots, Fox 31 reported.

“And a conservative watchdog group called 2ndVote is asking fans to ‘stiff-arm the NFL,’ according to the Washington Times.

“’We’re sending the National Football League, its corporate sponsors, and the television networks a message this Veterans Day weekend!’ 2ndVote told the newspaper. ‘Americans are sick of the disrespectful National Anthem protests that the NFL has not only allowed to continue, but has institutionalized in pregame ceremonies.’”

In some ways, the NFL dilemma mirrors much of what the nation as a whole is facing.

Americans in general are a proud and appreciate people when it comes to those who risk their lives to protect our freedoms.  When enormously wealthy corporations, such as the NFL, ignore We The People’s disgust in order to bolster their bottom line, we notice and we react.  Without near-immediate action, the entire league could find itself doomed to failure after this weekend’s round of games.


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