NFL Fans Are Replacing Their Football Kneeling Nonsense With…

The National Football League is in serious, serious trouble in 2017, as more and more Americans tune out of the overtly political shenanigans.

Professional football has been completely remiss in their duties over the course of the last few decades, at least on the concussion front.  Studies have shown a ridiculous correlation between football andd CTE, (Chronic traumatic encephalopathy), a condition that affects the way the brain functions after repeated blows to the head.  This can lead to, among other things, bizarre changes in behavior, personality disorders, and violence – something that the NFL has spent a great many resources on downplaying, much like the CTE’s themselves.

This newly accepted danger has led to a massive decrease in youth participation in the sport, which has obviously affected the game’s popularity.

Now, as 2017’s NFL season begins bereft with all of the same degenerate trappings of its previous history, a new threat has emerged:  Blatant and uncaring anti-American gestures being lauded by the mainstream media.  The entertainment factor that the NFL once held, even with the realization that these players were likely dooming their mental health, has dissipated even more as Americans find themselves disgusted with the players who participate.

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NFL ratings have tanked over the course of the fledgling 2017 season, and we now have an idea about where these viewers are headed.

“The Buffalo Sabres had one victory Thursday night – in prime time ratings.

“The National Hockey League team’s 3-2 loss in a shootout to Montreal scored a 10.9 rating on MSG over the three hours, which indicates fans are hopeful at the start of the season. The rating peaked at 14.0 for the overtime and the shootout.

“The rating was almost 50 percent higher than the 7.4 rating for last season’s opener,  a 4-1 loss to Montreal in a game that star Jack Eichel was out with an injury. The Sabres averaged a 6.2 rating for the entire 2016-17 season.

“Thursday’s rating was in the ballpark of the 10.7 rating for the 3-1 loss in the season opener against Ottawa in Eichel’s first season in 2015-16.”

For a sport littered with Canadians and other international athletes, it certainly seems that patriotic Americans are embracing the NHL.

In all honesty, a large percentage of football fans are fans of sport in general, given the NFL’s relatively short season and the scant opportunities to watch any particular team play thanks to greedy television contracts.  Now that the NFL has wholly signed themselves over to the liberal agenda, it is doubtful that many of these fans will return to the gridiron anytime soon.


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