NFL Doubles Down on Social Justice Junket After Abysmal 2017 Season

Americans have spoken, and National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell is not going to like what they’re saying.

The NFL is losing favor with Americans at an unprecedented pace in the early weeks of 2018, as there is but one game left to decide the ultimate fate of the 2017 season.  The stage is set, with the Philadelphia Eagles taking on the nation’s most hated dynasty, The New England Patriots.  Normally, this gridiron spectacle would be an overhyped explosion of marketing efforts and publicity pandemonium.

Instead, the entire league is focusing on how best to win Americans back in time to tune in.

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One of the thorny barbs that punctured the proverbial pigskin was the late addition of the New England Patriots to the big game.  A team that is heavily despised for their rampant cheating and annual success, having an “injured” Tom Brady make an incredible comeback in the final quarter of the semi final game was just too much.  Americans collectively sighed and said “of course”.  The jig was up, and we all caught a peek of the man behind the curtain pulling the strings.

Just hours later, Americans were treated to several clips of the game’s referees celebrating with the Patriots during the game, adding to even more credibility to the widely-held theory that the NFL is nothing more than a betting man’s Wrestlemania.

Then, of course, the NFL has been suffering from a severe lack of class and patriotism after Goodell and his goons allowed their players to run amok during the National Anthem, making a mockery of the sacrifice who have died for what that moment represents.

When recently asked if the league would be backing off of their liberal high horse for next season, the defiance diva himself did not disappoint, with Goodell going so far as to promise even more social justice activity in the future.

“Only a day after news broke that the NFL rejected an ad that the military veteran group AMVETS wanted to air during the Super Bowl because it celebrated veterans and honored the national anthem, Goodell promised that the current spending on social justice is ‘just the beginning.’

“’We’re just getting started with this effort,’ Goodell said according to the Bangor Daily News.

“Goodell made his comments on Tuesday at a meeting of members of a joint committee of owners and players that had been convened to shepherd the new social justice programs.

“According to the paper, the group’s members include ‘owners Arthur Blank of the Atlanta Falcons, Stephen Ross of the Miami Dolphins, Jimmy Haslam of the Cleveland Browns, Shahid Khan of the Jacksonville Jaguars and Michael Bidwill of the Arizona Cardinals.’ And players include ‘Washington Redskins’ Josh Norman, the New York Jets’ Kelvin Beachum and Josh McCown and two retired players, Anquan Boldin and Aeneas Williams.’”

This will surely come as unwelcome news to the droves of Americans who would love to watch the NFL someday in the future without the guilt of the league’s liberal leadership weighing so heavy on them.


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