NFL Blowback Gets Enormous Treatment by Sheriff in Virginia

The NFL is failing miserably in attracting and maintaining fans in the wake of National Anthem protests that an enormous swath go Americans find offensive.

The league is certainly aware of the problem, yet, it doesn’t seem to care much for the opinions of We The People.  Poll after poll has revealed that Americans are sick and tired of watching overpaid man-children disrespect the flag, and the men who died for it, before taking to the gridiron.

This egregious unwillingness by Roger Goodell and his legion of 1%er’s who make up the ownership contingent of the NFL to reprimand players for kneeling or otherwise ignoring the Star Spangled Banner has truly irked America.  Boycotts have sprung up in its wake, both in television viewership and ticket sales, embarrassing the league and its upper echelon throughout the entirety of the 2017 season so far.

Now, one sheriff in Virginia has decided to throw his opinion into the ring as well, but in a big way.

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“For one Virginia sheriff, NFL players taking a knee during the national anthem is disrespectful to the flag, the military and America.

“So Bedford County Sheriff Mike Brown put his money where his mouth is and paid for a highway billboard that pushes back against the protests, declaring in no uncertain terms what law enforcement stands for — and kneels for.

“The billboard reads, ‘Law enforcement stands & places hand over heart for National Anthem! We kneel when we pray!’ and can be seen on Route 460 near the Bedford County entrance from Lynchburg, WSET-TV reported.”

It was not that log ago that the nation was united around the anthem, specifically during NFL broadcasts.  Profound moments surrounding the Star Spangled Banner littered the childhoods of many current patriots, including stellar performances by Whitney Houston during the Persian Gulf War, and controversially horrendous renditions such as Roseanne Barr’s half-in-jest, but ostensibly not funny, mockery of the song in 1990.

These were times in which the nation united around the glory of the song, written about Old Glory herself.  Now, in a supposedly more sophisticated society, the NFL is so far entrenched in their love for the almighty millennial marketing dollar that they would eschew the very nation that provides the freedom to enjoy American football just to make a buck.



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