The Next National Security Adviser must Purge the Obama Hangovers

Guest Post By Kenneth Timmerman, Award-Winning Investigative Reporter, President, Foundation for Democracy in Iran

So Vice Admiral Robert Harward is now out of the running for as National Security Advisor, reportedly because he insisted on bringing in his own staff.

But whoever is named to replace LTG Michael Flynn must bring their own staff into the National Security Council. Why? Because if he doesn’t, he will suffer the same fate as General Flynn, or be forced to submit to the Permanent Government, a/k/a the Deep State.

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I’m not referring to KT McFarland, whom CNN claimed that Admiral Harward reportedly wanted to replace. I’m talking about the National Security staff, the representatives of the Deep State who have launched their own Occupy movement in the White House.

In the final months of his administration, President Obama stacked the NSC staff with hundreds of political operatives, many of whom were carried over by the new administration.

Why did the Trump transition team even think of carrying these people over? Because the NSC structure – or perhaps I should say, the fiction of the NSC structure – requires that most of the staff be comprised of “detailees” from the various U.S. government agencies whose operations the National Security Advisor is supposed to coordinate.

There were no Trump appointees in any of the national security agencies until just recently, thanks to Democrat obstruction in the Senate. This provided a huge opportunity to the President’s opponents.

Want to know who broke the law by leaking information gleaned from a highly-classified U.S. intelligence program to monitor foreign diplomats about Michael Flynn? Interested reporters – if there are any left outside of conservative news outlets – should start by looking at former CIA director John Brennan, an Obama  political operative.

Brennan worked hard to seed the CIA with acolytes and supporters, career “intelligence” officers whose real job was not to protect and defend the United States of America, but to sabotage the presidency of Donald Trump.

This is not the first time this has happened…


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