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Next Clinton in Line Gets Sobering News From Recent Poll

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The rise and fall of the Clinton political empire is thankfully over, despite what many diehard leftists are attempting to conjure.

Hillary Clinton’s embarrassing and revealing loss to Donald Trump in the 2016 U.S. presidential election was the final nail in the coffin for the oft-mocked Clintons.  Not only was Hillary, who was carrying a ridiculous air of inevitability into her campaign, soundly defeated, it was done so with daft political strategy; the one thing that pundits agreed that she had over Donald Trump.

There have since been calls to drag the old scarecrow out once again in order to prop her up in the lawn of the New York City Mayor’s mansion, but nothing substantial has been cited in that endeavor.

Meanwhile, it appears that the Clintons are grooming the former first daughter Chelsea to step up to the political plate.  Unfortunately for Chelsea, her lack of political experience and her relationship to her career-criminal parents has many Americans scoffing loudly at the notion.

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“If Chelsea Clinton decided to run for political office, she likely wouldn’t have much support.

“According to a new survey from Morning Consult/Politico, only 27 percent of registered voters said they would like to see Clinton run for political office, while an overwhelming 48 percent said they wouldn’t. The other quarter of respondents said they had no opinion or weren’t sure.

“When broken down among party lines, Clinton, daughter of former President Bill Clinton and twice failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, couldn’t even garner majority support from her own party. When asked, only 48 percent of Democrats said they would back a future political run by Clinton, while 74 percent of Republicans said they would oppose it.

“Only 20 percent of independent voters said they would support Clinton, while 48 percent said they would oppose her.”

The Clinton political carousel is seemingly grinding to a halt, but not before treating us to a show of massive embarrassment and dismay.  The schadenfreude is palpable in the case of the 1990’s democratic deities, and their complete lack of tact could see them parading Chelsea out into the public eye with absolutely no regard for reality.

Should Chelsea dip her toes into the water, she has already been warned:  The sharks are circling.

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