The Next Call for Impeachment Is Coming, And You Won’t Believe Why

It was only a matter of time before the democrats made yet another pathetic push to have President Donald Trump impeached.

To be fair, predicting that the left would be pushing for impeachment was not a difficult prophecy to realize, as the democrats have been murmuring about the possibility for a long time, with reports of their plan to legally tarnish the President beginning before Trump was even sworn in as Commander in Chief.

This latest push isn’t the first call for impeachment by a mile, but it is quite possibly the most pathetic.

Texas democratic representative Al Green has once again been leading the effort, this time due to the President’s opinions on the NFL-wide protests that are taking place during the National Anthem…without a doubt one of the flimsiest excuses for appropriating legislative resources in some time.

“On Tuesday morning, the president continued to tweet freely about the state of the NFL’s ratings and the “great anger” with which fans responded to the Cowboys decision to kneel before the anthem. Rep. Al Green of Texas took things a step further later on Tuesday by saying he planned to call for the president’s impeachment over the NFL comments.

“‘I rise to defend any mother who has been called a dog because her son engaged in peaceful protest. I rise, Mr. Speaker. I rise today, Mr. Speaker, to defend any son who is called the son of a dog because he engaged in peaceful protest. I rise, Mr. Speaker. Mr. Speaker, I rise to denounce these comments that have been made because they have brought discourse to a new low,’ Green said. ‘Mr. Speaker, this is a level of indecency that is unbecoming of the Presidency. Mr. Speaker, I rise, to say to the world that this is not what America is all about. Calling people SOB’s and we know what a b is — it’s a dog. Mr. Speaker, I rise because my heart tells me that I must doing something.’

 “‘So Mr. Speaker, I denounce the comments that were made and I rise to announce that on next week Mr. Speaker, I will bring a privileged resolution before the Congress of the United States of America. I will stand here in the well before the Congress, and I will call for the impeachment of the President of the United States of America.'”
 And in this moment, you can almost feel the collective tilting of the earth as Americans simultaneously roll their eyes in the direction of Washington D.C.
There has been no shortage of pedantic attacks laid out against our President, who was fairly elected by a conservative majority in America who roundly and proudly rejected the possibility of Hillary Clinton as Commander in Chief.  What the liberal posses of the United States seem to forget is that their fellow countrymen are resoundingly in support of the President, and their bizarre belief that the nation is ready to dump Trump will go absolutely nowhere.


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