Newt Gingrich

Newt Pens Piece Figuratively Eviscerating Mueller’s Possible Trump Subpoena

The nation is in waiting, hoping to see the end to Robert Mueller’s distracting #RussiaGate probe in the coming weeks, or, preferably, days.

This it not news to those of us who have been watching the polls; Americans are wholly dissatisfied with the direction of the inquiry, seeing the scattered tendrils of Mueller and his provably biased cronies spreading far, far from the Kremlin and back into the personal bank accounts of men who once called Donald Trump an acquaintance.

The President himself has weighed in on the subject from time to time as well, dropping some of his harshest language to date on the subject mere hours ago.

Now, another prominent republican has joined the fray, with Newt Gingrich committing to the following stance in an op-ed for Fox News:

There is now no excuse for Special Counsel Robert Mueller to ask to interview President Trump.

In fact, it is now clear the investigators have been given so much information about the president’s actions and had such remarkably open access, they should just close shop and write their final report.

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They no longer have any grounds for going to court to get a subpoena to compel the president to testify.

And what brought on this bold statement from Gingrich?

Don McGahn asserted throughout the interviews that “he never saw Mr. Trump go beyond his legal authorities.”

McGahn’s cooperation is historically unique because President Trump waived both executive privilege and attorney-client privilege. President Trump was so confident of his innocence that he waived both of these protections to allow the Special Counsel to thoroughly question the White House attorney.

How Mueller will proceed from here is beyond anyone’s speculation at this point, but, in any event, the mainstream media is preparing us for conflict.

In their continued “New Civil War” narrative, the entertainment-centric cable news media have given us only two options:  Liberal rage after the President skates, or Conservative rage if the tainted Mueller witch hunt ends in trouble for Trump.

Folks, this is simple “divide and conquer” nonsense at its best, and only emboldens the corporate media’s search for ratings.

Don’t buy it.  The sky is not falling.

Hysteria is the currency in which CNN, MSNBC, and others trade.  Do not provide it for them.

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