Seth Rich

Did Newt Gingrich Just Take The Seth Rich Assassination Mainstream?

Washington D.C. is a dirty, filthy town at times.  While this is no surprise to these with a keen eye on the capital, some of the boldest political maneuvers will never see the light of day.

Imagine, if you will, a world in which Wikileaks did not release thousands of emails from within Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign.  The point of this exercise is not to say what may have happened in the ballot box, rather, we must imagine that Hillary Clinton’s assumed dirty dealings would have gone undiscovered officially.  While the entire nation, and the world for that matter, was keenly aware that Clinton was a career criminal in politics, there would have been only intuition to go on.

Human beings are intuitive by nature.  It’s a trait that separates us from the great apes, and has some scientists pushing for intuition to be classified as the illusive sixth sense.  We all knew that Clinton was the wrong choice for President given her smug denial of her undeniable dirt, but without Wikileaks, we may never have proven it.

This eerie feeling was further bolstered for many when Hillary turned her attention toward Russia in early debates against Donald Trump.  The pivot was monumental, yet, the former first lady made the move quickly and painlessly, as though it had been rehearsed.  Again, intuition tells us that it had been rehearsed.  By blaming the Russians for the leaks and her subsequent, embarrassing electoral loss, Clinton diverted attention away from the mysterious death of Seth Rich – a DNC staffer that has since been outed as a very likely culprit in the leaking of classified DNC emails to Wikileaks.

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Rich was murdered in D.C. in what police are calling a “botched robbery”, although his wallet, watch, and other valuables were still on his person when his body was discovered.  Also, oddly enough, police investigating his death were compelled to retrieve his laptop from his home in order to complete the narrative of his assassination.

Yes, this is understandably a difficult story to definitely prove, yet our intuition tells us differently.  Apparently that same nagging feeling of being mislead has also affected Newt Gingrich, who hinted at a federal investigation into Rich’s death on national television recently.

While Rich’s own family has refrained from entering the conspiratorial fray, many Americans are still of the belief that the “botched robbery” theory was simply concocted to cover up a political assassination.  Even Wikileaks has subtly insinuated that Seth Rich was their source, and not-so-subtly scoffed at the purported Russian connection.  Julian Assange’s repeated and forceful denials of any link to the Russian government in the story of Hillary email leaks is damning for those who were motivated to retaliate against Rich, assuming of course that he is the source of said emails.

Only time will tell if the full story of Seth Rich is ever revealed to the American people, but for the time being, it is important to be weary of disinformation and anger from establishment media sources who are attempting to downplay or eradicate those reporting on the DNC staffer’s fate.  Our intuition tells us that there are too many people working too hard to publicly disprove this theory for there to be a straight and decisive truth behind it.

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