Congress to Pass Trans-Pacific Partnership During Lame Duck Session? [VIDEO]

While perhaps not likely, according to Senator Jeff Sessions, the White House will try to get Congress to pass Obamatrade after the November election.

In this Sunday morning interview, the possibility of a push to pass Obamatrade (AKA: “the Trans-Pacific Partnership) in November is real. While there is much of interest in Maria Bartiromo’s interview with Senator Jeff Sessions, I found his comments on how the Obama Administration might try to pass Obamatrade to be most concerning. The comments begin at 6:22 (the interview begins at 1:37 and interesting stuff on immigration and trade at 3:24).

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When we look at how Republicans in Congress have cooperated with Obama on spending, it seems like a real possibility that they would pass this managed-trade deal as well.

Sessions brings up the fact that Paul Ryan still has not endorsed Donald Trump. Could this be the reason why—that he wants to be in a position to sabotage a major part of Trump’s agenda before he gets sworn into office?

The Washington Examiner correctly interpreted one of Sessions’ comments,

Sessions also suggested that Ryan doesn’t read free trade agreements, despite being their most powerful advocate in the Republican Party.

“I know the speaker believes in trade agreements, any of them,” Sessions said. “I don’t think he feels he has to read them; they’ve just got to be good. But I don’t agree with that and the American people have voted on that — they’ve spoken. Donald Trump has won and he is crystal clear on this issue: We are not going to have any trade agreements unless it protects the American interest.”

Of course, Ryan has not read Obamatrade! It is a huge book of a bill. He has been defending the bill based on trust in the Obama Administration.

Sessions thinks it is unlikely Obama and Ryan will get their way. But this at least helps us understand why Ryan is so opposed to Trump. It has nothing to do with Ryan being a conservative.

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