This News Story Demonstrates Why Donald Trump Should Be President

Of the two candidates, Donald Trump should be President because Big Money is investing in Hillary. Who will serve all Americans?

Many in the #NeverTrump crowd disagree that Donald Trump should be president because he opposes the Establishment. They claim that he, rather, is the corrupt establishment.

For those with any basic knowledge and critical thinking, this Pro-Hillary news story should show that claim is highly inaccurate.

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Trump has said a lot about how wealthy he is and it feeds into this kind of story. Even if Trump’s net worth is above a billion, that doesn’t mean that he has enough liquid wealth to fund his own campaign. And he shouldn’t want to do so. The Presidency, despite a long history otherwise, is not supposed to enrich those who win the office. If Trump was sinking a vast fortune into his own presidential bid, that would be a red flag that he was investing in a new money-making scheme. Trump should care about conserving his fortune and passing it on to his heirs after his presidency is over.

While this story is spun in Hillary’s favor, it is a solid piece of evidence that Donald Trump should be president—that he is indeed as opposed to the insiders’ game as he said he is.

Big Money sees no profit is supporting a man who opposes managed trade deals and foreign military interventionism. Hillary gets their investment dollars—their “campaign contributions.”

There is no reasonable doubt that Hillary Clinton is getting money from donors who supported Jeb Bush and other establishment candidates. She is probably getting money from some of the same people funding the “conservative” #NeverTrump movement.

This is nothing new. Early in 2015 is was reported that many donors were supporting both Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton.

The sad fact is that there is not much monetary support for rescuing the American economy in general. The money comes from the rich and powerful in return for policies that favor their own income.

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