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So without further ado, here’s the News you can Use for Wednesday, September 28, 2016.

The Presidential debate on Monday night went about as well as most people expected, but Donald Trump missed many different opportunities to hammer his opponent. It seems like the general consensus in the mainstream media was that Hillary Clinton won the night. However, some pundits argue that because Donald Trump was able to hold his own and Clinton was unable to put him away… he won by simply proving that he could hold his own against her.

In fact, James Robbins at USA Today says that Trump’s performance was vital because, just like Reagan in 1980 the debate, it showcased a candidate who was quite different than the caricature of him that liberals had painted.

Still other pundits think that Trump’s unpreparedness was a “slap in the face” to his supporters.

Hillary Clinton lied early and often during the debate on Monday night.

Lester Holt proved that he wasn’t up to the task by taking Hillary Clinton’s side and joining the debate against Hillary Clinton.

After the debate, George H.W. Bush’s chief of staff, John Sununu, voiced his decision to endorse Donald Trump.

“Donald Trump is the only candidate in this race who can bring bold change to Washington D.C. I support the Trump-Pence ticket for their pro-growth agenda and commitment to protecting American interests. Republicans, Independents and smart Democrats need to come together to elect Donald Trump and Mike Pence.”

The debate saw record numbers of viewers as more than 80 million people tuned in to see the spectacle. NBC saw the highest numbers, but every network that aired the contest saw spikes in viewership. In fact, the debate stirred so much interest that even the Taliban in Afghanistan made sure to tune in to see what would happen.

Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson was particularly cranky on Monday night when he shouted at a reporter and hid from a crowd that had gathered to watch the presidential debate.

Egypt is proud of the steady and stable relationship it has built with Israel and believes that other Mideast nations should follow their lead and accept Israel’s place in the world.

Now for your Ridiculous Story of the dayClemson University Bans ‘Any Reference to Harambe’ from Dorm Spaces Because of ‘Rape Culture’ and ‘Racism’.

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