News You Can Use for September 27, 2016

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So without further ado, here’s the News you can Use for Tuesday, September 27, 2016.

Hillary Clinton may have been saved from prison after the FBI discovered that President Obama was also KNOWINGLY emailing her on her unsecure private server. Yes, Obama’s criminal activity meant that Hillary would get a free pass so as not to embarrass the President further.

Hillary Clinton is the embodiment of the Democrat Party’s anti-democratic principles and she’s simply more of the same crime and corruption that Americans are supposedly tired of.

Could Donald Trump be preparing to lead his own “Jacksonian” revolution and bringing power back to the people of the United States?

The people who go around “Crying Wolf” about the potential of a global warming induced disaster are the true “deniers” when it comes to climate change.

It’s not millennials killing liberalism, it’s liberalism that is killing millennials.

Mocking millennials’ neediness and intolerance has become common. We bemoan them as special snowflakes who demand kudos for even the most banal accomplishments. We decry their lack of intellectual rigor and unwillingness to participate in a free and open marketplace of ideas. We chide their frequent choice to privilege emotion above reason in their approach to justice. Fair criticisms all.

But millennials are not imposing this flawed philosophy on the Left. They are following orders given by people born long before 1980.

Doctors give overweight patients worse care because they can’t seem to see past the fat.

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