News You Can Use for September 20, 2016

Good Morning! We here at want you to get your day started right, which is why we’ve decided to help you catch the morning’s news highlights. We know that you’ve got a busy day ahead and you may not necessarily have time to surf the web looking for the things you need to know, so we’ve gone ahead and done that for you.

We’ve gathered a short list of some of what we think are the most important headlines of the day and placed them all right here for you.

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So without further ado, here’s the News you can Use for Tuesday, September 20, 2016.

Ahmad Khan Rahami, the Muslim terrorist suspected of building all 15 bombs found in New York and New Jersey over the weekend, was taken into custody after a shootout in Linden, New Jersey. Sources say that Rahami may have been a “known wolf”.

Thieves may have saved lives in Manhattan and Elizabeth, New Jersey when they discovered the unexploded bombs while trying to steal bags. Fortunately, the thieves were moral enough to report what they found…

How is it that Trump is surging while Clinton seems to be collapsing?

The nation’s whiner-in-chief, or better yet, excuse maker-in-chief, thinks that the reason Hillary Clinton isn’t doing better in her run for the White House is because America is SEXIST. I mean it couldn’t be because she is constantly embroiled in scandal. It couldn’t be because some of those scandals have to do with massive corruption in the Clinton team. It couldn’t be because she acts and speaks as if she hates half of America’s voters (you know, the “Deplorable” ones). It couldn’t be because she is constantly lying to us, or because she is seemingly always trying to cover up some new problem. Obama’s an idiot.

Speaking of Clinton scandals… another one is threatening to explode as more evidence of malfeasance leaks out of the Clinton family foundation’s dealings in Haiti.

Some Democrats are getting very worried about Hillary Clinton’s “strategy” to win over the Hispanic vote.

How Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton’s media strategies reversed.

Donald Trump has shattered the GOP record for small dollar donations during this campaign.

Uh-oh. Prosecutors say that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ) knew all about the Bridge Lane closings from the very beginning.

Could the Senate race in Pennsylvania be the most consequential race of 2016?

Many years of appeasing the culture at large has led to this moment in Church history.

Anyone who thinks that this trajectory we are on can end without overt persecution of the believing church in North America is living in a dream land. I suggest another strategy, and another set of generals. And during the coming troubles, we need to be led by churchills, not chamberlains.

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