News You Can Use for November 24, 2016

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So without further ado, here’s the News you can Use for Thursday, November 24, 2016.

Happy Thanksgiving! We at are so thankful for the opportunity to impact our nation and our culture with our message of conservative values. We are also thankful for the support you give us, it’s because of you that we get to do this work that we love. Thank you.

There is a dangerous scheme afoot as the left tries to pull out all of the stop in an effort to deny Donald Trump the presidency.

The media continues to paint Donald Trump’s transition efforts as far-removed from the work done by previous incoming presidential campaigns. However, comparing the speed and the breadth of the transition teams’ work … it doesn’t appear that this transition is unfolding any differently than those in the past.

Support is strong among conservatives for Donald Trump to nominate General James Mattis, USMC (retired) as the next Secretary of Defense.

Neither Mike Huckabee or Newt Gingrich want to see Mitt Romney as our next Secretary of State.

It looks like Dr. Ben Carson has changed his mind and decided to join the Trump administration after all!

The mainstream media hysteria about “fake news” is just the latest example of the left trying to control the narrative and blind people to the truth.

In fact, it seems that the media has completely collapsed upon itself and is having a very hard time coming to grips with the fact that the American people have rejected Hillary Clinton, the Democrat Party, AND the mainstream media.

Democrats are finally wondering if it was “identity politics” that did them in. Yes, yes it was.

Donald Trump on Twitter really is analogous to FDR’s “fireside chats.”

The “Calexit” vote seems likely to move forward in 2018. A group behind the effort has now filed the appropriate paperwork and is ready to move forward in their attempt to secede.

Fox News’ Megyn Kelly has had a tough time protecting her book’s Amazon reputation as trolls continue to attack her new book.

This Thanksgiving Americans have more hope in the future than they have had in a decade!

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