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Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) has decided to support the GOP tax reform bill and the repeal of the individual mandate. Conservatives are desperately trying to sell the GOP tax plan in an effort to keep the GOP from completely losing every political battle they’ve picked this year.

The Alabama special election Senate race is proof positive that the two major parties are mostly dead.

“Moore is running away from Republicans and Jones is running away from Democrats, and yet they’re running to be representatives of those parties. If this isn’t emblematic of the end of the two-party structure, I don’t know what is.”

Woah. Hillary Clinton just conducted a 45-minute interview on a conservative radio show!

DOJ Documents PROVE that FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe had a major conflict of interest in investigating the Hillary Clinton email server fiasco, but McCabe refused to step down from the investigation.

Congressman Bob Brady (D-PA) will likely soon be indicted on charges of wire fraud, obstruction, and conspiracy stemming from charges that he paid off one of his political opponents back in 2012.

Half of American voters believe Senator Al Franken (D-MN) should resign, but even worse only 22% of Minnesotans think he should stay in office. This is bad news for Franken, even as the media and the Democrat Party attempt to shield him from bad press.

The Detroit Free Press argues that their local pervert, Rep. John Conyers (D-MI) should retire, Now.

Texas Congressman Joe Barton (R-TX) is very sorry, and very embarrassed about a graphic nude photo of him that was making the rounds on social media this past week.

Uh-oh. Roy Moore’s communications director, John Rogers, has resigned from the campaign.

A Washington Post reporter gave a presentation at a secretive Democrat gathering where activists and politicians plotted the future of their party. This means that the media is now openly (secretly) working with the Democrat Party.

A sport’s doctor who worked with USA Gymnastics has pled guilty to multiple charges of sexual assault and will face at least 25 years in prison.

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