News You Can Use for Monday, July 4, 2016

Good Morning! We here at want you to get your day started right, which is why we’ve decided to help you catch the morning’s news highlights. We know that you’ve got a busy day ahead and you may not necessarily have time to surf the web looking for the things you need to know, so we’ve gone ahead and done that for you.

We’ve gathered a short list of some of what we think are the most important headlines of the day and placed them all right here for you.

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So without further ado, here’s the News you can Use for Monday, July 4, 2016.

Happy Independence Day! Today marks the 240th anniversary of the signing of our Declaration of Independence and our taking hold of our God-given liberty that the British government had been repressing.

The “Leave” campaign of 1776 is still vitally important today.

A libertarian explains why ALL libertarians should be Pro-Life.

The Clinton’s have done it again… they’ve now corrupted yet another political leader.

Brexit and Donald Trump: unmasking the myth of cosmopolitanism.

From now on the great political battles will be fought between nationalists and internationalists, nativists and globalists. From now on the loyalties that matter will be narrowly tribal — Make America Great Again, this blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England — or multicultural and cosmopolitan.

Democrat voter registration is up and Republican registration is down… which is nothing but bad.

Donald Trump meets with conservative Indiana Governor Mike Pence sparking speculation that Pence may be chosen as his running mate.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump just fired yet another adviser – is this evidence that the campaign continues to collapse?

Bill Kristol is still trying to dump Trump.

The FBI just arrested an Arizona man for conspiracy to commit terrorism… but for some reason the news media won’t tell us whether or not that man is a Muslim.

Hillary Clinton thinks that the GOP will be willing to work with her on illegal immigration if she becomes President.

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