News You Can Use for Sunday, July 10, 2016

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Trending: Trump’s Racism to Blame for School Shooting, Says Former Mexican Prez

So without further ado, here’s the News you can Use for Sunday, July 10, 2016.

Horribly misleading claims about police violence against the black community continue to wreak havoc on our nation.

Why won’t Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson criticize Hillary Clinton the way he does Donald Trump?

The Green Party candidate for President, Jill Stein, has invited Bernie Sanders to replace her as her party’s candidate.

Donald Trump’s visit to Capitol Hill fails to bring Party unity.

Where do the candidates stand on energy and climate change?

[score]Marco Rubio[/score] responds to the Dallas shooting tragedy.

Why did FBI Director James Comey do what he did?

I would suggest that Comey’s thinking, whether conscious or not, was similar: He did not want the FBI director to end up as the arbiter of the 2016 presidential election. If Clinton were not a presumptive presidential nominee but simply a retired secretary of state, he might well have made a different recommendation.

The Democrat platform on “inequality” would make EVERYTHING worse.

The platform claims the biggest problem facing our nation is extreme inequality. Wrong. What ails America is economic immobility.

And the Dems’ platform would make it worse.

Italy’s banks are about to crash, and thus begins the next big financial collapse.

Italy is Europe’s fourth-biggest economy and one of its weakest. Public debt stands at 135% of GDP; the adult employment rate is lower than in any EU country bar Greece. The economy has been moribund for years, suffocated by over-regulation and feeble productivity. Amid stagnation and deflation, Italy’s banks are in deep trouble, burdened by some €360 billion ($400 billion) of souring loans, the equivalent of a fifth of the country’s GDP. Collectively they have provisioned for only 45% of that amount. At best, Italy’s weak banks will throttle the country’s growth; at worst, some will go bust.

Will the Dallas shootings wake us up from our nation’s nightmare?

Inmates break free… to save their prison guard’s life.

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