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News You Can Use for January 4, 2016

Good Morning! We here at want you to get your day started right, which is why we’ve decided to help you catch the morning’s news highlights. We know that you’ve got a busy day ahead and you may not necessarily have time to surf the web looking for the things you need to know, so we’ve gone ahead and done that for you.

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We’ve gathered a short list of some of what we think are the most important headlines of the day and placed them all right here for you.

So without further ado, here’s the News you can Use for Wednesday, January 4, 2016.

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After much wringing of hands and gnashing of teeth from the media, we finally have confirmation, George W. Bush WILL attend Donald Trump’s inauguration.

The Washington Post still hasn’t really apologized for their horrific reporting on the so-called Russian attempt to hack our electrical grid. Also, why does Congress care so much about suspected Russian hacking, but not at all about proven Chinese hacking?

A view inside Donald Trump’s strategy to remodel the Supreme Court. Donald Trump has narrowed his short list for his first Supreme Court pick down to roughly a half-dozen finalists but the president-elect and his top advisers are already thinking about a second selection, as they seek to quickly remodel the high court with a reliably conservative bent.

Many liberals wonder how President Obama will be able to lead over the next few weeks when many Congressional Democrats view him as the man who hung his party “out to dry” over the last eight years.

America’s Universities are out of control and we must do something to end the madness. One professor explains how the idea of the “total university” has brought us cultural chaos.

Weaponized diversity is a product of the Total University. Last year, during mandated diversity training, we were told to anonymously report our colleagues for utterances that could be interpreted as offensive. Whatever differences I may have with my colleagues, none of them are deserving of an inquisition. Yet an inquisition is exactly what they would face. To all who value academic freedom, tolerance, and human dignity, weaponized diversity should be as abhorrent as the Total University it supports. Why should these efforts be tolerated much less institutionalized? Let me suggest they shouldn’t and that the best way to eliminate them is to disassemble the diversity infrastructure.

U.S. intelligence is hung up on the wrong cyber bear.

Uh-oh. Conservatives outnumber liberals be an ever-shrinking margin… today only 36% of Americans consider themselves conservative, while 25% consider themselves liberal.

Donald Trump apparently told Democrat Senate leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) that he likes him more than he likes Paul Ryan (R-WI) or Mitch McConnell (R-KY).

It’s just January 4th, but Christian satire site the Babylon Bee may have already posted the year’s best satirical piece. Their most recent commentary underscores the hypocrisy of a culture that believes “truth is relative” suddenly being concerned about “fake news.”

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