News You Can Use for February 2, 2018

Good Morning! We here at want you to get your day started right, which is why we’ve decided to help you catch the morning’s news highlights. We know that you’ve got a busy day ahead and you may not necessarily have time to surf the web looking for the things you need to know, so we’ve gone ahead and done that for you.

We’ve gathered a short list of some of what we think are the most important headlines of the day and placed them all right here for you.

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So without further ado, here’s the News you can Use for Friday, February 2, 2018.

A parody account of White House Senior Advisor, Stephen Miller, delivered this brilliant tweet in relation to the FBI and the memo.

President Trump’s State of the Union address was as pro-American a speech as we’ve heard in a very long time. It resounded with calls to return to first principles, and reminded Americans of all of the values and strengths that have made us great.

President Trump’s State of the Union was very inclusive, which is probably why the Democrats seemed to hate it so much.

It’d be nice if the left would put aside the partisan politics and recognize that the economy is getting a major stimulus thanks to President Trump’s tax cuts.

DREAMer platitudes get washed away by the blood-soaked reality of life.

A ruling elder in a Presbyterian (PCA) church in Texas is running for Governor of the Lone Star state, but his public political positions stand in complete opposition to the church’s teaching on those issues.

Is the Tea Party over?

Trump wants a huge increase in infrastructure spending and an end to the sequester for military spending, but he never mentioned the debt or deficit. Well, there was one mention of the word “deficit” — the “infrastructure deficit.” And he endorsed a new entitlement — paid family leave — while failing to mention any effort to reform the existing entitlements.

Is America ready for a 3rd major party?

The United States of America is NOT a democracy.

Iranian women are brave.

In the past 24 hours, the photos have gone viral. Young women standing tall and proud on the streets of Iran with their hair uncovered, defiantly waving their discarded headscarves on the end of sticks and in direct violation of the country’s strict laws that force women to cover their hair.

“They are risking their liberty, they are also exposing themselves to torture and other ill treatment at the hands of police and other paramilitary forces in Iran that enforce compulsory veiling against women,” Raha Bahraini, Amnesty international’s researcher on Iran, who has been closely following the spread of the powerful protest images, said.

The outbreak that everyone fears.

Meet the people who get invited to the State of the Union speech by the President.

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