News You Can Use for April 1, 2017

Good Morning! We here at want you to get your day started right, which is why we’ve decided to help you catch the morning’s news highlights. We know that you’ve got a busy day ahead and you may not necessarily have time to surf the web looking for the things you need to know, so we’ve gone ahead and done that for you.

We’ve gathered a short list of some of what we think are the most important headlines of the day and placed them all right here for you.

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So without further ado, here’s the News you can Use for Saturday, April 1, 2017.

An AP reporter is calling a Washington Post story a lie, and says that it was planted by Obama loyalists in the State Department who want to undermine the Trump administration.

The trump administration is hosting a convicted Palestinian terrorist, even though there has been a tremendous outcry against his trip.

The State Department confirmed to the Washington Free Beacon late Thursday that it intends to permit Jibril Rajoub, secretary of the Fatah Central Committee, to participate in meetings with U.S. officials next week, despite his repeated calls for terrorism against Israel and a 15-year stint in Israeli prison for committing terror acts.

FBI Director James Comey continues to defend his actions and the FBI from allegations of partisanship.

“The FBI made these decisions in a high-quality way,” he told Leitner. “The painful part is that we confuse people. And the reason we confuse people is, most people see the world differently than we do, especially in a hyper-partisan environment. Most people are wearing glasses that filter the world according to side.”

The US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, is kicking anti-Semites out of the world organization.

Chuck Schumer is the “Yasser Arafat” of the Democrat Party.

The scientist who told us that Donald Trump would win is now predicting that Marine Le Pen will win the French presidency.

A family was forced to take down their “Blue Lives Matter” flag because the HOA in her neighborhood says the flag is “racist.”

Are we being led by fools?

Uh-oh… New York City mayor Bill De Blasio now has to worry about some corruption allegations after the local media learned that he had tried to pay some legal bills with campaign donations.

A team of research scientists want to create a “red team” to challenge the current beliefs on climate science.

Why do we know this? Researchers now say that the Tyrannosaurus Rex was a “sensitive lover” who enjoyed foreplay.

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