Newborn Addiction on the Rise

I can remember both times that my wife walked in and showed me a plastic contraption with 2 pink lines showing in the “window” announcing we were going to have a baby. I also remember that she almost immediately stopped drinking coffee, started eating healthier and stopped taking anything other than prenatal vitamins and the occasional aspirin and then it was only if her head was about to explode. So I am having a hard time understanding how in the world the number of babies with opiate addiction has risen nearly 80% in a decade here in America.

Maybe it is because there are fewer OB/GYNs than there used to be since (according to Modern Medicine Network) they are the most often sued and pay more for less insurance coverage than all other doctors with the exception of neurosurgeons. Perhaps it is a supply and demand problem.  Women aren’t being told by their doctors what NOT to do because they are too busy jumping from room to room to care for more patients than their practice can actually handle.

I am guessing at the reasons because the study only uncovered the problem it did not figure out WHY it was happening other than to say that the use of opioids was on the increase. Well, DUH!!!

So addicted mothers are having addicted babies. That is not a shocker. So here is an idea. Why don’t we stop handing them out like they are candy? I’ll tell you why. Writing a prescription is easier to do than actual pain management without a drug.

Another reason: PROFIT!!! There is not only big money to be made in the manufacturing and distribution of opioids but the drugs made to TREAT the addiction. It is a nasty little cycle with a BIG profit margin and NOT just for the drug companies.

One last reason I can think of is because we have all become a bunch of crybabies who will pop a pill at the first twinge of pain instead of maybe trying one of a million other solution because HEY- Instant Gratification is our BIGGEST addiction.

This is not just a woman problem either. Husbands you need to be aware of what is going on with your pregnant wives. It is our responsibility to take care of them while they take care of OUR precious cargo.

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