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New York Passes $15/Hour Minimum Wage. Now Look What They Want.

The latest from New York’s Legislature is a $147 billion budget deal that includes a job-killing hike of the state’s minimum wage to $15/hour. In response, liberal advocates claim this increase isn’t enough. The minimum wage, instead, should be $20/hour.

Citizens Action of New York (an organization that looks “for opportunities to create big changes in New York and the U.S”) and other activist groups, took to social media to complain about New York’s recent wage hike. These activists argue $15/hour is not a living wage for most people living in New York City.



It and other groups, along with New York State’s recent initiative State’s Twitter campaign, using the hashtags, #FightFor15 and #NYFightFor15, argued for a minimum $15 wage. But even after they got what they wanted, it still wasn’t enough. They tweeted:

But the responses to their claims provided a much-needed reality check and humor on April Fool’s Day.



One small business owner wrote on Mental Recession, that:

“I have been in business now for almost 35 years and each year the struggles continue to grow. The state of New York, rated dead last in business-friendliness, has a governor that is now threatening a final blow for those who refuse to relocate to a more friendly neighboring state. A $15 an hour minimum wage will not only kill jobs but entire businesses, from health care providers to lawn care providers. The agriculture and farming industry will bear the largest hit with food service providers right behind.

“As we progress through the 2016 NY State budget process, the $15 minimum wage proposal is, in my eyes – the pivot point for our upstate economy.

“Those of us that see reality in light of the propaganda strewn across our state from a union-provided bus known as the Andrew Cuomo Campaign for Economic Justice, can see this incredibly damaging progressive brainstorm will be the death of small businesses state wide.

“Small businesses already struggling to simply keep their heads above water currently see revenues normally used to increase salaries have been completely absorbed to offset the ever increasing costs of health care coverage alone, rising by 12-16% annually and in 2013 bi-annually.”

In light of this, New York may soon follow California’s example of ongoing, unsustainable bankruptcy.

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