The New York Times and PBS Carry Water for Muslim Terrorists

I believe it’s safe to say that most of our readers here at aren’t big fans of the New York Times or PBS, both organizations have tilted far left for years and stopped being reliable “news” sources decades ago. However, because some of you stopped paying attention to them years ago, you may not realize just how far they’ve drifted from the American mainstream.

Let me educate you.

Last week, during the Jewish Passover festivities and the Christian Easter holidays, the New York Times ran a very unflattering anti-Israel screed from someone who the paper identified as a “Palestinian leader and Parliamentarian.” In the op-ed the writer decries the Israeli prison system, claims that he was imprisoned after a “show trial,” that Israel tortures its prisoners, and that the state partakes in something he calls “judicial apartheid.” The writer fails to offer any evidence of any of these claims, and some of his accusations are even demonstrably false (like the bit about his trial being a “show trial”). However, the most egregious part of the op-ed debacle is not that the writer is a liar and an anti-Semite… it’s that the New York Times failed to ever identify who the man really is.

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The guy the Times allows to slander the state of Israel on the pages of their newspaper, is a convicted Muslim terrorist who was the leader of a terrorist organization!

Barghouti is the former leader of the Tanzim armed wing of Fatah and the founder of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, a Fatah terror group. He was convicted in an Israeli civilian court in 2004 on five counts of murder and one attempted murder, and was implicated in and held responsible for four other terror attacks. He is serving five life terms for the murders, and an additional 40 years for attempted murder.

That seems like kind of a big part of the story, doesn’t it? I mean, if he were just a normal Palestinian politician who was being thrown in prison for no reason… then the Times would probably be right to publish his op-ed. However, the man is not just any, old Palestinian. He is a terrorist leader who hates Jews and was accused of being the mastermind of 37 different terror attacks, which were mostly aimed at women and children. Eventually, the Times gave in to pressure and added a note explaining who Barghouti really was… but only after the Prime Minister of Israel got involved.

“I read, on Sunday, the article in the New York Times that presents arch-terrorist Marwan Barghouti as a ‘parliamentarian and leader,’” said Netanyahu on a visit to the southern city of Dimona. “Calling Barghouti a leader and parliamentarian is like calling [Syrian President Bashar] Assad a pediatrician.”

However, it’s not just the New York Times who are inculcating this weird fetish for comforting terrorists, PBS is getting in on the action too.

The Heartland Institute has a new report out on a lesson plan that PBS has prepared for High School students that essentially teaches kids to have compassion on Muslim terrorists. The lesson is called “Dying to be a Martyr” and it’s emphasis is on teaching American children to be more sympathetic to the plight of Palestinian terrorists.

The stated “objectives” for the lesson plan, which is designed for use by students in grades nine through 12, include analyzing “why the Middle East conflict began and continues today,” discussing “how religions can unite or divide people” and explaining “why individuals and groups sometimes turn to tactics of terrorism, and evaluate how terrorism affects the world we live in.”

Through the lesson the students are introduced to two different Palestinian’s – one who chose not to carry out a terrorist attack and another who killed 17 INNOCENT people (the word innocent was added by me, not PBS).  The two men explain their motivations, demonizing Israel while offering excuses for why they may have been justified (even the man who didn’t go through with terrorism doesn’t say he would have been wrong to do so, only that some Israelis didn’t deserve it and that his god didn’t want him to die). Throughout the lesson Israel is demonized without PBS offering counterpoint to show that Israel is being wrongly criticized by the terrorists, indeed the teacher is NEVER given direction or opportunity to speak against the terrorists violent inclinations. Instead, the men are simply shown as sympathetic figures who had their reasons for being terrorists.

No instructions are provided telling teachers to denounce the radical claims made by Majdi, and there are no other lesson plans describing the conflict from the point of view of the Israelis.

Liberal efforts to give radical Islam victory seems to know no bounds, and the New York Times and PBS are simply the latest examples of this suicidal tendency on the left.

One last word here – Marwan Barghouti is an evil, murderous terrorist who deserves no sympathy and no mercy from the rest of humanity.

Onan Coca

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