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New York Times Hires Openly Racist Editor, Defends Decision

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There seems to be some terrible confusion on the left regarding the realities of racism in America, and who is or isn’t allowed to employ such a vile ideology.

The correct answer is no one.  No one is allowed to discriminate against others based on the color of their skin, their ethnic background, their genetic makeup, or whatever other qualifier you want to put on it.  Not only was America founded on the all important principle that all are created equal, any lesson from the teachings of Christ, or even the golden rule puts this sort of behavior back in the trash where it belongs.

But, for some reason, the liberal left has appointed themselves the deciders of what’s racist and what’s not, and, as it turns out, hating white people is apparently a-okay.

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Days after President Trump met with the CEO of the New York Times who was upset that they were being labeled ‘Fake News’ they hired a Twitter troll. Great timing, guys.

Sarah Jeong, a writer and part-time Twitter troll, has been hired by the New York Times to join their Editorial Board.

Not too unusual, right?  Well, except for the fact that Sarah Jeong seems to overtly hate white people.

The “joke” defense would be the only logical way that Jeong could wriggle free from this, if only these tweets were the least bit funny.

The New York Times has so far refused to consider a reverse of their hiring of Jeong, despite major concerns over the content of her character being raised all over social media in the past few hours.


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