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New York Times Goes on The Offensive Against #MeToo Movement

The sheerly despicable nature of our nation’s democrats and their progressive posse is coming to a head in 2018, as the left continues their assault on women’s rights and victims’ rights.

This sounds absurdly and chaotically different than the impression that the left would like us to have of them.  Rather, they could prefer that we think of the liberal base as a group of open-minded, loving, social justice-obsessed warriors, hellbent on bringing equality to the far reaches of American society.

Reality is much, much different.

It is the left who have been at the forefront of the campaign to alter the First Amendment through violence.  Acts such as last February’s Berkeley riots have proven that the left will stop at nothing to mitigate Free Speech based solely on the emotional impact of the views expressed by other Americans.  This neo-Fascist outlook has been employed by nearly every dictator mankind has ever known, and the inability of the millennial lemmings at the democratic party’s foundation to understand this is both disturbing and telling.

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And the left is in no way searching for a route to American equality.  Instead, democrats and their ilk have been obsessed with the idea of equity, or value that has been bestowed without a virtue to back it up.  (Think of Affirmative Action, but on steroids).

Naturally, many would believe that the left would be inarguably in support of the #MeToo movement, in which Americans, (mostly women), are spreading awareness about the endemic sexual assault and harassment they receive on a near daily basis.  Instead, the left continues to push a completely disparate agenda in which they attempt to downplay the importance of the movement, and are now calling for the social revolution to end via their left wing propaganda outlets such as the New York Times.

One op-ed contributor to the Times had this to say:

“For many weeks now, the conversation that has been going on in private about this reckoning is radically different from the public one. This is not a good sign, suggesting the sort of social intimidation that is the underside of a culture of political correctness, such as we are increasingly living in.

“The women I know — of all ages — have responded by and large with a mixture of slightly horrified excitement (bordering on titillation) as to who will be the next man accused and overt disbelief.

“Publicly, they say the right things, expressing approval and joining in the chorus of voices that applaud the takedown of maleficent characters who prey on vulnerable women in the workplace.

“In private it’s a different story. ‘Grow up, this is real life,’ I hear these same feminist friends say. ‘What ever happened to flirting?’ and ‘What about the women who are the predators?’ Some women, including random people I talk to in supermarket lines, have gone so far as to call it an outright witch hunt.”

What is the reason for the wild dissonance between the left’s apparent disdain for cultural improvement and their outward appearance of support?

The accused.

During this time of change, the men who have been outed as serial sexual predators by these women are largely liberal.  Democratic lawmakers, Hollywood moguls with ties to The Clintons, and left-leaning news anchors have dominated the storyline of #MeToo, and the left is just now catching a glimpse of its new black eye in the mirror.

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