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New York Times Gives Women The Middle Finger, Reinstates Sexual Predator

If there’s one thing that the liberal left excels at, it is wild and unapologetic hypocrisy of the highest order.

The left, who eschew their phony “tolerance” at every possible chance, have done very little in order to walk the walk when it comes to America’s ongoing sexual societal awakening.  The reasons for this obsolescence are two-fold:  The left is almost exclusively responsible for the offending behavior, and this fact completely negates the perception they’ve cultivated regarding their commitment to women’s rights.

Just this week, the left declared war on the #MeToo movement – a social media demonstration that outlined the sheer enormity of the issue of sexual abuse in our nation.  Chivalry suffered long ago when leftist lunatics pushed political correctness to it’s hilt, and now, women are fighting back against the left’s dismissal of this virtuous characteristic of conservative men.

Some journalists are simply attempting to assassinate the entire #MeToo movement in literature, feebly requesting that these women knock it off lest more democratic journalists find themselves in hot water.

Others in the media field, however, are simply ignoring the severity of the issue altogether and giving these deviant deplorables their jobs back.

“The New York Times’s left-wing reporter Glenn Thrush has been suspended for two months and removed from his job as the paper’s White House correspondent amid allegations of sexual misconduct, the company has announced.

“Last month, Vox revealed a number of allegations of sexual misconduct against the 50-year-old journalist, which include claims he abandoned a young woman after she resisted his unwanted sexual advances and, on another occasion, began inappropriately kissing his then-colleague Laura McGann.

“’While we believe that Glenn has acted offensively, we have decided that he does not deserve to be fired,’ he continued. ‘Instead, we have suspended him for two months and removed him from the White House beat.’

“’In addition, Glenn is undergoing counseling and substance abuse rehabilitation on his own. We will reinstate him as a reporter on a new beat upon his return,’ the statement concludes.”

The New York Times, and the cult of liberalism that they speak for, just flipped the entire female population the bird.  In broad daylight.  In the middle of a crowded sidewalk.

By refusing to treat Glenn Thrush in the same manner as Al Franken, John Conyers, Harvey Weinstein, or any number of other leftist perverts, the liberal base of the democratic party has told the nation that they are above not only the court of public opinion, but that they are no longer bound by the decency of the American citizenry.

The left has declared war on women.


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