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New York Times “Apologizes” for its Support of Palestinian Terrorism

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Many considered a recent “correction” by The New York Times to be the “correction of the year,” but since the paper was “apologizing” for mischaracterizing the truth so it could justify the support of Palestinian terrorism, it might be more like the apology of the century!

The article that sponsored this epic correction was the paper’s April 21 article about left-wing, New York “journalist” Campbell Brown. The former CNNer is now Facebook’s head of news partnerships and the so-called “paper of record” was unhappy with Brown’s plan to develop a new service for Facebook that would compete with regular news services such as The New York Times.

Palestinian terrorism was certainly not the topic of the paper’s piece. However, it wouldn’t be an article in The New York Times if somewhere, somehow an article didn’t contain a slap at the right side of the political aisle.

As the Washington Examiner notes, theTimes piece on Brown addressed one of the issues most on the minds of liberals, “what many consider to be [Facebook’s] most pressing issues: The proliferation and spread of conspiracy theories.” It’s all about the “fake news,” you see?

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“This is where the Times’ otherwise sound reporting takes a big nosedive into sloppy journalism,” the Examiner noted.

Here is what that “sloppy journalism” looked like in the original Times piece:

Once those shows get started, Ms. Brown wants to use Facebook’s existing Watch product — a service introduced in 2017 as a premium product with more curation that has nonetheless been flooded with far-right conspiracy programming like “Palestinians Pay $400 million Pensions For Terrorist Families” — to be a breaking news destination. The result would be something akin to an online competitor to cable news.

(The paper has since altered that paragraph, but you can see the original verbiage at an Internet archiving website called The Wayback Machine.)

So, as the original Times piece proclaimed, the idea that “Palestinians Pay $400 million Pensions For Terrorist Families” to be “fake news.” It was a “far right conspiracy” that simply cannot be true. Because, gosh, everyone knows that Palestinians are the nicest folks in the world.

The piece hadn’t been off the presses for long before people began alerting the paper that its example of fake news was, itself, fake news.

For instance, a reporter for the Jerusalem Post told the Times reporter who wrote the original piece that her conceit in favor of the Palestinians was bogus. Lahav Harkov took to her Twitter account to tell Times writer Nellie Bowles that she was simply incorrect:

Indeed, the Palestinian Authority have not just paid for terrorism on the sly — which it does — but it officially added such expenditures to its official budget. After that, the PA’s support for terrorism was out in the open and in public.

So, as it happens the PA has officially paid out money to terrorist “martyrs.”

As Becket Adams wrote:

“About 13,000 Palestinian men and women are beneficiaries of the prisoner payments, which totaled about $160 million in 2017, or an average $12,307 per person,” the Washington Post reported last month, citing data collected from both the Palestine Liberation Organization and the Palestinian Authority. “About 33,700 families (19,700 in the Palestinian territories) shared in about $183 million in martyr payments, or $5,430 per family.”

The exact numbers are unclear, but it is certainly true that the Palestinian Authority has a stipend for the relatives of imprisoned and deceased anti-Israel terrorists, and the dollar amounts are in the hundreds of millions. What’s more, it isn’t even a secret, except apparently to New York Times journalists.

“Palestinians acknowledge making payments to the families of suicide bombers and people convicted of heinous attacks,” the Post noted. “Hakim Awad — the then-18-year-old militant mentioned by Netanyahu who murdered five family members in a West Bank settlement — receives about $14,000 a year. But because payments increase with the length of incarceration, Awad would be paid more than $1.9 million if he lived to 80, the male life expectancy in Israel.”

These are indisputable facts. Not spin, or assumptions, or guesses. It is simply flat out true that the PA has openly and directly paid for terrorism against Jews and others.

It is such a well-known fact that the U.S. Congress has debated over how to punish the PA for its outrageous and very open support of terror.

That debate led to action just this year. As Breitbart News’ Joel Pollak wrote:

Earlier this year, the U.S. Congress enacted, and President Donald Trump signed, the Taylor Force Act earlier this year. The new law — named for a U.S. Army veteran who was killed by a Palestinian terrorist while visiting Israel in 2016 — will cut U.S. taxpayer funding to the Palestinian Authority as a result of its payments to terrorists.

In the end, The New York Times was flooded with so many messages revealing the truth of Palestinian perfidy that the paper ended up having to make a correction.

An earlier version of this article erroneously included a reference to Palestinian actions as an example of the sort of far-right conspiracy stories that have plagued Facebook. In fact, Palestinian officials have acknowledged providing payments to the families of Palestinians killed while carrying out attacks on Israelis or convicted of terrorist acts and imprisoned in Israel; that is not a conspiracy theory.

It was a correction that Israel’s consul general in New York called the “correction of the year.”

That is certainly an understatement.

As I noted at the outset, this apology is quite a thing to celebrate. The New York Times was finally forced to apologize for its support of terrorism — if only just in this one case. After all, the “Old Gray Lady” has been supporting terrorism since it began coddling the Soviet Union’s Joseph Stalin way back in the 1930s. So, this is quite a moment, indeed.

Correction of the year? More like correction of the century.

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