Political Correctness

New York City Takes PC Culture To Extremes on Failing Subway System

There are certain iconic tropes regarding the Big Apple that everyone seems to understand, one being that the subway system is a negligent and disgusting place to be.

While the transit system is one of the most complex in the world, stuffed into the bowels of the nation’s most jam-packed city, that doesn’t mean that every facet of its being should be revered as revolutionary.  Just look at how cute everyone thought an enormous rat scurrying around with a slice of pizza was just years ago.  If that happens on a NYC subway line you laugh, but literally anywhere else and Americans would be alternating between dry heaving and cringing.

Now, thanks to the politically correct culture that has invaded American society, liberals don’t even recognize occurrences such as pizza rat as representing the most disgusting aspects of the underground cesspool.  Instead, they have rallied around semantics in order to necessitate a costly and bizarre change to the rail system merely to appease their progressive social justice warrior overlords.

“The New York Post reports the Metropolitan Transit Authority has ordered all subway personnel to refrain from addressing riders as ‘ladies and gentlemen.’

“Instead, staffers have been told they must use gender neutral words like riders, passengers, and everyone according to a memorandum obtained exclusively by the Post.

“’Please don’t use any greeting other than these,’ the memo reads.

“Subway workers say political correctness has derailed the nation’s largest subway system.

“’They are trying to be politically correct,’ one worker told the Post. ‘They are acknowledging that they have some transgender riders. They don’t want to offend anyone.’

“An MTA spokesperson told the Post that gender issues were a consideration for the move.”

The phrase “ladies and gentlemen” may very well one of the world’s most iconic colloquials, and serves as a reminder in formal settings that thing are…well…formal.

Yet, here we stand, allowing the PC Police to fully engorge themselves at the thought of making life just a little bit more difficult for others, who mean no offense in the first place, by forcing us to rethink these ancient pieces of our world culture.


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