New York City Police Commissioner Slams Liberal Activists for their Silence

New York City Police Commissioner James O’Neil is likely not a conservative. He serves in the administration of communist Mayor Bill De Blasio and he’s watched as his city has begun to slip back in to the lawless days of the Democrat run 1980s.

Thankfully, his political leanings didn’t seem to get into the way of his ability to spot the hypocrisy of the leftist #BlackLivesMatter movement who remained in stupefied silence after the assassination of NYPD Officer Milosotis Familia, a single mother of three who was also taking care of her elderly mother.

During Officer Familia’s funeral which was attended by hundreds of her colleagues and hundreds more of the concerned and saddened citizens of her city… but not by her Mayor, Commissioner O’Neil lambasted the leftist protest movements who have created a climate of hate and terror for our nation’s police force. He attacked them for their heated anti-Cop rhetoric and for their hypocritical silence when a hard working, minority officer is murdered for nothing more than wearing a uniform.

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“Let me tell you something, regular people sign up to be cops. They sign up for this job of protecting strangers, knowing there are inherent risks. But not one of us ever agreed to be murdered in an act of indefensible hate. Not one of us signed up to never return to our family or loved ones. So, where are the demonstrations for this single mom, who cared for her elderly mother and her own three children?

There is anger and sorrow, but why is there no outrage? Because Miosotis was wearing a uniform? Because it was her job?

I simply DO NOT accept that…

We know there’s evil in this world. That’s why we need the police, but as New Yorkers, we can decide that people like Miosotis’ killer will ultimately fail. He will not drive us apart. We can decide to come together and make our city reflect the good inside all of us, the hopes and simple dreams we share.

I’m asking the public to make a commitment to support your police. Commit to watching the backs of those you call when you’re scared, those you call when you’re in trouble.”

Sadly, even in his words it seems that the Commissioner misses the point. He misses the truth. This is not about Black Lives Mattering (which they do), this is about power. The leaders of the left will continue their hateful, violent, and destructive ways so long as they believe they can draw more power from their actions. The lives of innocent bystanders like Officer Familia matter nothing to the leaders of these leftist movements who see casualties like hers as “acceptable losses” in their war on Western Civilization and American culture.

Don’t expect the #BLM or any other leftist protest organization to be shamed, or cowed, by the pain they are causing… they have no capacity for shame and no sympathy for those they hurt.

Onan Coca

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