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New York City Bar Facing Lawsuit Over MAGA Hat Discrimination


The behavior radiating from the hive-mind of the American political left would lead some to believe that we are in the midst of a nationwide crisis, verging on Civil War.

From the moment Donald Trump threw his hat in the ring, to that fateful day in January when he became the leader of the free world, liberals, leftists, and all manner of their ilk have been on the warpath against the conservative businessman turned politician.  They’ve employed a variety of tactics as well, including violence, hate speech, assassination attempts, White House break-ins, and, of course, litigious action.

Now, one proud supporter of our Commander in Chief is fighting back, legally, against a bar in New York City who had joined the leftist anti-Trump cult.

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“A Philadelphia man’s experience at ‘The Happiest Hour’ bar in New York City turned into what his (trolling) lawyer has described as his ‘saddest hour.’ After allegedly being refused service and told to leave on account of his Donald Trump ‘Make America Great Again,’ accountant Greg Piatek, 30, is suing the popular West Village bar for ‘egregious, unlawful and discriminatory conduct.’

“Piatek told The New York Post that after visiting the 9/11 Memorial with two buddies on Jan. 28, he was ultimately booted out of the bar after a series of exchanges with increasingly more hostile employees, the manager finally telling him he needed ‘to leave right now because we won’t serve you!’

“According to the lawsuit, Piatek felt ‘humiliated, degraded, victimized, embarrassed and emotionally distressed,’ and has suffered ‘from anxiety and severe emotional distress’ because of the discriminatory action. The lawsuit maintains that Piatek ‘had a sincerely held set of beliefs in which he felt it was necessary to wear a particular hat in remembrance of the souls who lost their lives and as a symbol of freedom/free speech.'”

The Make America Great Again cap has been a symbol of support for the President, and for the United States, ever since Donald Trump first donned one on the campaign trail.  Now, radicalized liberals are using the iconic hat to identify their enemies, segregate them from society, and ultimately berate or eradicate them all together.


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