New Theory Arises About Mueller, Woodward, NYT Saboteur Collusion

It would be foolish to believe that the “resistance” of the radical left isn’t coordinating at least a portion of their efforts to derail our nation.

And let’s be frank – that’s precisely what this is.  They believe that the election of Donald Trump was some sort of tragedy, and they want to exert enough of their maniacal whimsy to provide a reason for us to never follow our nation’s populist heart again.  If we re-elect Donald Trump in 2020, we’ll be forced to endure even more of this nonsense, and the “resistance” is counting on this deterrent to sway undecided voters.

It’s a war of annoyance, much like what the left has found successful in suppressing the Second Amendment by simply making gun ownership tedious, difficult, and complex.

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As we continue to take shrapnel in this war against the elected President, a number of major players have come out of the woodwork in recent days in order to lend their weight to the left’s fight.  Bob Woodward with his latest book Fear, the New York Times barely-anonymous op-ed saboteur widely believed to be Jon Huntsman, former spook handler John Brennan, and Robert Mueller of witch-hunt fame are all circling the President simultaneously, moving dangerously near to their target like Icarus to the sun.

Now, one author at The Daily Caller believes that this is no simple coincidence, and that the coming culmination of these threads will weave a tapestry dense enough to blind voters in the 2018 midterms.

On the heels of the politically charged, elitist bullying that passed as a week of mourning for a truly great hero, John McCain, the public is awaiting the latest Roman à clef from Bob Woodward. Is the op-ed, consistent with the above, merely serendipity? Not in modern presidential politics, as Nixon so effectively showed in 1972 when anonymous hit pieces caused challenger Edmund Muskie to implode and outed Democratic VP candidate Thomas Eagleton as a past electroshock patient.  Anonymous dirty tricks work.

So when the anonymous (Huntsman) op-ed writer adds to the temperament storm, it is not by accident. The op-ed will help enlarge both Woodward’s bank account and prestige, synergize the Mueller Report, give Brennan his lucrative CNN talking points, embolden impeachment-mongering back-benchers, and enhance the prospects of overturning the judgment of the 2016 electorate. And with the support of the Post and the Times, will give momentum to a moderate, principled, experienced challenger to Trump, like, for example, Jon Huntsman.


Everything that is now occurring has a distinctively elitist, liberal-media, swamp-establishment odor. Millions of forgotten, struggling Americans, given hope by this unorthodox, willful President, will recognize the smell and will hunt down the varmints responsible. The reflexively loyal, core Trump voters will not readily embrace a candidate they view as a traitor.

So, citizens, hold on to your hats. Jon Huntsman, fasten your seatbelt. Media, prepare your nonstop hyperbole. We are all in for a ride.

The idea that something big is on the horizon certainly isn’t new, but having this much evidence of such an event is nigh unprecedented.

Buckle up, indeed.

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