New Study Reveals Just How Tolerant Liberals Are…The Results Are Dumbfounding

The last several months have been eye opening for political observers in the Western Hemisphere, as republican President Donald Trump has polarized the United States.

From the onset of his candidacy, the idea of a Donald Trump nomination or presidency has been jarring to the American political left.  The businessman was repeatedly written off, chastised, and mocked in the media.  The ignorance of Trump’s successes as civilian notwithstanding, the democrats were so certain that Hillary Clinton would obliterate The Donald in the general election that they actually worked on ways to help him win his party’s nomination.

Then, of course, history found a way to crush the hopes and dreams of the due diligent democratic dunces.  Hillary Clinton was outed as a career political criminal, thanks to the work of Wikileaks, and her incorrect assumption that her anatomy would guarantee her a majority of the female vote allowed her to rest on her laurels just a bit too much.  Trump came out on top in November, and the liberal meltdown began.

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In the ensuing madness, the leftists of America have rioted against, beaten, berated, insulted, physically assaulted, threatened, and attempted to segregate the rest of the nation who chose to put Donald Trump into the White House – all while pretending that they  are proponents of the First Amendment, differing opinions, and civil discussion.

It’s just too bad for the left that Dartmouth decided to conduct a survey to study the true tolerance of the American liberal.

“A new survey of students at Dartmouth College found that those who identified as Democrats are the least tolerant on campus.

“In the campus-wide field survey, students of all political stripes were asked how comfortable they would be about living with a roommate who holds opposing political views. Of the 432 students surveyed, only 39 percent of students who identified as Democrats said they would feel comfortable living with a Republican, 16 percent said they felt neutral about the proposed arrangement, while 45 percent, a plurality, said they felt uncomfortable.

“A majority of students who identified as Republicans (69 percent) said they were comfortable living with someone of opposing political views, 19 percent said they felt neutral about it, and only 12 percent said they felt uncomfortable. Among Independent students, 61 percent said they felt comfortable living with someone with opposite views, 22 percent were neutral about it, and 16 percent were uncomfortable.”

The social impact of the liberal lifestyle and social justice warrior training is that you can no longer tolerate those who disagree with you.  It’s one of the tenets of the New Fascism movement being perpetrated by the left, in which they replace Stalin’s nationalism with their own political allegiances, effectively pretending that the United States has been split in two.  It’s the mythical move of the ostrich, in which he buries his head deep into that sand to avoid danger…only this time, the democrats are burying their vocabulary in pronouns to avoid being offended.

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