New Study Finds Interesting Trend in Survey of Best and Worst States

I bet you won’t be able to guess what the 10 richest states in the nation have in common…

Or what the 10 poorest states have in common…

I’ll give you a hint – the richest states are all run by one party, and the poorest are all run by another. Now, do you think you can guess which party runs the 10 richest states, and which party runs the 10 poorest? I think you can…

The latest study from the folks at the American Legislative Exchange Council should offer some important instruction for voters across the nation, sadly liberals don’t usually vote based on facts, data, or logic.

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As you look at the data you’ll see that the states with the best economic outlook are all heavily influenced by the Republican Party. Most of those states see the GOP leading both chambers in the legislature, as well as occupying the Governor’s mansion. However, even on the rare occasion that the Democrats hold the executive branch or one of the chambers… the GOP holds sway in the other. Here’s the list:

Of the top 25 states only Nevada and Massachusetts have legislatures controlled by Democrats, and Colorado is split… the rest of the 22 states are DOMINATED by Republicans!

The ten bottom states on that list? All dominated by Democrats:

#41: Oregon (Dems control the legislature and governor’s office)

#42: Maine (Dems split control of the legislature with Republicans)

#43: Hawaii (Dems control the legislature and governor’s office)

#44: Illinois (Dems control the legislature)

#45: Minnesota (Dems control the governor’s office)

#46: Connecticut (Dems control the legislature and governor’s office)

#47: California (Dems control the legislature and governor’s office)

#48: New Jersey (Dems control the legislature)

#49: Vermont (Dems control the legislature)

#50: New York (Dems control the legislature and governor’s office)

So, will liberals ever learn?  Probably not. But at least we have the hard data (and the sweep of history) to prove that conservative economic policy is the best way to build a prosperous nation.

Onan Coca

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