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New South Korean Leader Upsets Liberals with Warm Feelings Toward Trump

The American democrats have been busy in recent weeks looking for allies in their pedantic and childish “resistance” to President Donald Trump.

They’ve recruited angry millennial mischief makers.  They’ve enlisted every bit of help that they can get from Hollywood liberals.  They’ve even created the New Fascism movement to censor any conservative viewpoint that they can.

Still, they were lacking allies of any significance on the world stage.   Sure, they had a gainful result in France, where Emmanuel Macron bested Marine Le Pen for the Presidency amid reports of disturbing voter fraud, but only time will tell if Macron’s damaging email leaks will neuter his ability to effectively lead the nation.

Then, after the results of the South Korean election were announced, leftists believed that they had picked up yet another world leader who would help them to fight against the Commander in Chief. As it turns out, however, Moon Jae-in is more than ready and willing to work diplomatically with The Donald, especially given the tense situation unfolding to his direct north.

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“The newly elected president of South Korea, touted as a foe of President Trump’s hardline toward North Korea, dismissed talk of a rift and said he hopes to work with the administration to diffuse the growing threat of nuclear war.

“In an interview with The Nation, Moon Jae-in said he wants Seoul to take a more active role in diplomacy with North Korea, and that the U.S. would benefit.

“Talking with Nation contributor Tim Shorrock, Moon moved to dismiss stories in the U.S. about the potential for a fight with Trump over the North’s nuclear program.

“‘Rather than blame President Trump for the recent tensions, as many Koreans have, Moon pointed to the failures of the Park government. “The relationship between North Korea and the US has been getting worse and worse because South Korea hasn’t performed its role well,” he said.'”

You can almost hear the slacking of the sails of the liberal warships as Moon admitted that working with President Trump, as opposed to against him, is the ultimate goal when it comes to the North Korean nuclear question.

Donald Trump has since spoken with Moon, extending both congratulation on his victory, and an invitation to Washington D.C. to discuss South Korea’s reclusive and despotic northerner neighbor.  According to reports, Moon has gladly accepted the invitation, and hopes to visit sooner rather than later.


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