New Report Shows Iran Smuggling Weapons to Terrorists on Commercial Airlines!

In a stunning new report on Fox News we learned that Iran has been surreptitiously smuggling weapons to terrorists in Syria using commercial flights.

The news comes less than a year after the Obama administration signaled the warming of relations with Iran, lifting sanctions, funneling money to the hardline Islamic regime, and allowing them to begin openly moving forward with their nuclear program. Even worse, the news comes just weeks after the Obama administration gave Airbus and Boeing the go ahead to begin selling commercial airplanes to Iran!

From Fox News:

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A new report indicates that Iran is smuggling weapons to terrorists in Syria on commercial airliners. This report comes after President Obama’s administration granted licenses to Airbus and Boeing to sell planes to Iran.

It’s not just Syria that is being rewarded for the Obama administration’s bad judgment. Iran is also using commercial flights to deliver weapons to the terrorists of Hezbollah in Lebanon. (Syria has also been caught funneling weapons into Lebanon on commercial airlines.)

From the Washington Free Beacon:

The disclosure of this new intelligence, which shows that Iran has been using its commercial airline company to smuggle advanced weaponry to Hezbollah and terrorists operating in Syria, has placed renewed focus on a congressional inquiry that has been stymied by Obama administration officials since early October.

Senators, led by Sen. David Perdue (R., Ga.), have been pushing Obama administration officials to explain why they are helping airline manufacturers Boeing and AirBus sell planes to Iran, despite clear evidence that Tehran is using its commercial airline as cover for its continued terrorist operations across the region…

Iran has been using Mahan Air to smuggle a large quantity of arms into Lebanon, where they are then transferred to Hezbollah, which remains committed to destroying the Jewish state.

“These planes fly directly to the airport in Lebanon or Damascus and from there the weapons are transferred on the ground to Hezbollah,” according to the letter sent by Israeli officials to U.N. Security Council members.

This includes weapons, ammunition, and missile technology to Hezbollah, which is placed inside suitcases and placed on Mahan’s commercial flights…

The continued failure of the Obama administration to stop the Iranian regime from supporting terrorism while also building up their own tools of aggression should be all the proof we need that their policies on Iran have been a complete failure. As one congressional source told the Free Beacon, “It’s been nearly a year since the implementation of President Obama’s nuclear deal and we’ve seen Iran become increasingly aggressive in its support of terrorism. In fact, Iran is still the number one state sponsor of terrorism. If this isn’t a symptom of a failed deal, what is?”

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