New Report Showed This About ISIS

As the battle against the Islamic State is spreading beyond the areas of Syria and Iraq, we find that the Islamists are expanding their operations. We have been told on several occasions that the group was losing ground and desperate. But this news is making that harder to believe.

How can we say that they are desperate or losing ground while they are expanding their reach and influence?

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NBCNews reports

NBC News has exclusively obtained a map showing the global expansion of the terror group.

The map is part of a classified briefing document received by the White House dated “August 2016” and prepared by the National Counterterrorism Center. It shows a stunning three-fold increase in the number of places around the globe where ISIS is operating.

U.S. State Department documents indicated that in 2014, when the U.S. military began its campaign to destroy the extremists, there were only seven nations in which the fledgling state was operating.

This represents an expansion. And this expansion is growing like cancer. There are areas that the group is operating, and we are combating them. But there are areas that we have not even begun to confront the Islamists.

The problem is they are using their religion to spread from one country to the next. It is possible that they are going to be operating in almost every Muslim country soon. And there is little chance that we can keep up with the rate of expansion.

Though our military is doing all that it is allowed to by our politicians, there seems to be nothing that they can do about the expansion that is occurring. And this makes the likelihood of things worsening in America and Europe.

Watch the video to see the countries ISIS is now operating in.

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