New Poll Shows How Americans Feel About Their Choices 1 Year Ago

With an entire year of analysis behind us, a number of media entities have been examining last year’s election in a clinical light in recent days, and they are discovering something incredible.

Donald Trump shocked the world last year with his incredibly victory over career politician Hillary Clinton, which was seen by many experts worldwide as an incredible win for national sovereignty and American populism.  Of course, President Trump’s unconventional ways have been a bit of an outlier in politics, which certainly has many of his constituents on the edge of their seats, so to speak.

In the year since the election, Trump has pushed extremely hard against a congress only somewhat willing to embrace his agenda, and in doing so has continued to bristle against the Washington D.C. establishment in ways that very few politicians in modern history have done.  This has completely frustrated the GOP establishment shills lurking on Capitol Hill, as well as turn a great many democrats into despondent puddles of emotion.

But what about the American people?  Are they satisfied with their choices from a year ago?  A new poll looks to shed light on that very question.

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“One year after the 2016 presidential election, the vast majority of Donald Trump voters have no regrets.

“According to a POLITICO/Morning Consult poll conducted on the eve of the first anniversary of Trump’s historic election, 82 percent of those who say they supported Trump last year would vote for him again if they had to do it over. That’s slightly more than those who say they would vote for Democrat Hillary Clinton again — 78 percent — if they had the chance.

“Only 7 percent of Trump voters and 8 percent of Clinton voters say they would vote for a different candidate if they could complete their 2016 ballot again.”

Those retroactive numbers for Hillary Clinton will likely fall over the course of the next few months, as a number of DNC-linked scandals involving the former Secretary of State are continually being brought to light by former allies and colleagues of the queen of corruption.

Trump, however, is still plugging away at his agenda despite enormous roadblocks being erected by the elitists of the Beltway.  The dismantling of Obamacare, the border wall, and a restrictive travel ban involving terror-sponsoring nations have all been neutered or nullified by the establishment cronies who inhabit our legislative houses, yet the President pushes on.

Tax reform is next on the docket, and if these poll results are to be believed, the American people don’t regret asking for it…let’s make sure congress won’t regret any further inaction when it comes time for the midterm elections.

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