New Poll shows Democrat Party’s Support for Israel has Collapsed

According to Pew Research, Democratic Party support of Israel has fallen off a cliff (43% to 33%). The gap in support of Israel between political parties is now the widest in Pew Research history.

A little more than half of all Americans sympathize most with Israel (vs 19% for both or neither and the same percentage for the Palestinians). However when you look at the sympathy by political party (self-identified), 74% of Republicans sympathize more than Israel while only a third of Democrats feel the same way. This margin of 41% is the largest since Pew started tracking the numbers.


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About a quarter of Democratic Party support of Israel has disappeared in the past eight months. In April of 2016 the support of Israel was 43% and today 33% and for the first time in history approximately the same percentage of Democrats sympathize with Israel as they sympathize with the Palestinians. Since July of 2014 support for the Palestinian side has gone from 17% to 31%.


The growth in sympathy may be a result of the eight years of Obama Administration venom directed at Israel. The drop in support for Israel may be directly tied to the Democratic Party primary season where the surprising showing of Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton’s corresponding pivot to the left ceded party control to the most extreme liberal wing of the party, which has always shown an aversion to the Jewish State.

On the GOP there has been a steady growth of support for Israel since 1978 when it was at 49% to today where it stands at 74%.

The drop in Democratic Party support of Israel seems to be driven by liberalism. In fact the more liberal elements of parties have a lower support of Israel than their conservative colleagues, although sympathy for Israel is high amongst both conservative (78%) and liberal/moderate (64%) Republicans…


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