New Poll Finds Republican Men Are Best Tippers In America

At times, it can be difficult to sort through the mainstream media’s nonstop disdain for American conservatives, but today is not that day.

The war on conservatism has been waging in the United States for decades, as the liberal media exploits their stranglehold on America’s opinions to further perpetuate their already slanted stereotypes of republicans, libertarians, and other right-wing organizations.  The uncouth bigotry is everywhere, from textbooks equating the South to slavery, all the way to the consistent portrayal of republican congressmen as hillbilly ignoramuses.  It’s simply another piece of the liberal propaganda puzzle used to align malleable millennials with the democratic cause.

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In reality, however, traditional American values are far more popular than ever before as evidenced by the resounding conservative uprising that occurred during the 2016 presidential election.  Now, a new study finds that republican men are the most generous tippers in the restaurant as well.

“Women tip a median of 16 percent, while Democrats and southerners leave a median 15 percent at a restaurant, according to a new survey of more than 1,000 American adults conducted by Princeton Survey Research Associates International on behalf of That’s compared with the median 20 percent that men, Republicans, and northeasterners leave. Those who pay with plastic leave a median 20 percent, compared with 15 percent for those who pay in cash.

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“Though roughly half of people tip between 16 percent and 20 percent, about a fifth of restaurant goers polled admitted to stiffing the wait staff at least occasionally.

“’I was definitely surprised by how many people tip over 15 percent, but I was also surprised by how many people never tip at all at a restaurant,’ Matt Schulz,’s senior industry analyst, said in a statement. ‘I’m guessing they don’t get very good service on their next visit.’”

“Tipping isn’t customary worldwide, but it’s a critical source of income for nearly all American service workers. The federal minimum wage for tipped employees is just $2.13. Such workers rely on the collective whim of their customers for the remainder of their earnings.  (A handful of states have a higher minimum wage for such employees, including Alaska, California, and Oregon.)”

Once again, the left’s illusion of who America’s conservatives truly are has been shattered.

After their embarrassing defeat in the 2016 presidential election, you would think that the left would have begun to recognize the conservative movement gaining steam in America, especially after pretending to be blindsided by the results that saw career criminal Hillary Clinton’s campaign go up in flames.  Instead, the left has turned vicious, attempting to degrade and delegitimize a majority of Americans who find themselves compelled by traditional.

For the servers in our readership, know that republicans understand the value of hard work, and that those iconic, red Make America Great Again hats could have you seeing green.

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