New Orleans Confederate Statue Not Going Down Without a Fight

Leftists have been working for years to eliminate any trace of the Confederacy that is left standing in America, but one monument in New Orleans isn’t going to be an easy piece of history to whitewash.

Revisionist history is currently all the rage among liberals in America.  Their transparent attempts to portray the South in the Civil War as nothing more than bigoted slave proponents has permeated society to the core in recent decades.  Our nation’s youth are learning this erroneous viewpoint in school from the time they are very young, and the war against Confederate symbolism is simply fueled by it.  After online retailers such as Amazon took an incredibly shallow and fascist approach to the subject after Dylann Roof’s 2015 hate crime against African Americans in South Carolina in which the delusional white supremacist opened fire in an historically black church.

By banning items emblazoned with the Stars and Bars, Amazon and their ilk effectively gave Roof ownership of the symbol, while the enormous number of soldiers who fought and died under that flag simultaneously rolled over in their graves.

Now, a Confederate monument in New Orlean that has been slated for removal along these same lines is proving much more difficult to erase.

“On Monday night, defenders of the statues squared off against a large group of opponents near the Davis statue in the Mid-City area. ‘Get the hell out of New Orleans,’ the multiracial group of opponents sang, to the tune of ‘The Battle Hymn of the Republic,’ using much stronger language, ‘because you’re not wanted here.’

“The police arrested five people on charges of disturbing the peace and other infractions, and city officials have surrounded the statue with barricades and police guards. But the crowds continued to gather, and some defenders of the statues have come heavily armed. A man who referred to himself only as K.K. walked along a median on Tuesday carrying an AK-47, with a Glock handgun on his waist.

“Critics of the statues are planning a second line parade ‘to bury white supremacy’ Sunday afternoon that will end at Lee Circle, the roundabout near downtown where the Lee statue is located. White supremacist and neo-Confederate groups have been encouraging their followers online to turn out as well, and city officials are on edge.

“On Saturday night, the New Orleans Police Department issued an advisory warning that a ‘higher than normal law enforcement presence’ would be evident around the Davis and Lee statues on Sunday.”

The revising of Confederate history has been a sore point for southern Americans from the conclusion of the Civil War itself.  The sacrifices made by those directly involved is completely unforgettable, no matter how hard the leftists try, and the very notion of erasing the history of their struggle has had tempers flaring across the nation for some time.

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