North Korea

New, Non-Nuclear Threat From North Korea Moves Into Position To Attack U.S.

North Korea has certainly been busy stirring the global pot in recent months, vying for attention in the eyes of the new U.S. President.

Kim Jong Un, like his people in North Korea, believe that the United States are their mortal foe.  Their arch-nemesis.  The Apollo Creed to their Rocky Balboa.  This has driven the diminutive dictator to provoke America in ever-more frustrating ways at every possible opportunity.  Failed missile tests and the constant threatening to wipe out the west coast of the U.S. are high on Kim’s list of favorite pokes at our nation.

Now, however, experts believe that Kim Jong Un has executed a strategic military maneuver that could actually pose a threat to the United States, albeit, in a non-atomic way.

“THERE are growing concerns among US politicians that the North Koreans have the capability to launch a devastating EMP attack that would wipe out the American financial system and transport network.

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North Korea has satellites perfectly positioned above the US that could be used to launch an unprecedented attack on the country.”

“Kim Jong-Un’s recent belligerence escalated in the past week after he tested the country’s first solid-fuel missile – which would be launched with little warning.”

“The communist dictatorship also has two satellites positioned in an ‘ideal altitude’ above the US to cause irreparable damage to the country’s financial system. “

An EMP, or electromagnetic pulse weapon, could be detonated high about the United States, with its ensuing pulse instantly rendering the entirety of the effected area’s power grid completely useless.

Not only would this wreak havoc on the U.S. financial system, as mentioned earlier, it would create a communications nightmare for the nation.  There would be no cable news, internet, cellular telephone service, or radio broadcasts.  We would be flying blind, so to speak, as we make extremely lengthy and costly repairs to our electronic infrastructure.  One further concern regarding an EMP attack such as this would be the vulnerability that it would cause for our military.  An invading army, while unlikely, would certainly have the relative element of surprise if our nation’s military cannot communicate.


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