New Liberal Outrage: Angry that Trump’s Sons Killed a Triceratops on a Hunting Trip!

Mark Dice has done some pretty ridiculous videos over the years where he tricks really gullible people into believing some outrageous stuff. Often, we’ll comment that Dice must edit out all the people who weren’t duped by his questions. And not only that, he’s putting these poor people on the spot, so it’s not really fair.

I do sympathize with some of those points, but it seems that it doesn’t matter how preposterous Dice can be, people will still fall for it.

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This time, he went around his usual spot somewhere in San Diego and asked people their reactions to the news that Donald Trump’s sons posed in pictures with a slain triceratops that they had just killed in Africa. (Yes, the now-extinct dinosaur.)

If that wasn’t ridiculous enough, for others, he’d ask the same thing except claiming that the Trump boys killed a saber-toothed tiger, a wooly mammoth, or a pterodactyl.

Not only did people fall for it, they were bothered by the news and thought that it was so wrong to kill endangered animals.

What shocks me the most is how Mark Dice can do these interviews with such a straight face.


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