New Leftist Racism Scare: The Evil, Gentrified Farmer’s Market

There are no shortage of things in America that the liberal left believes are inherently racist, but their latest target has surprised even us.

During the election of 2016, the democrats were stumped.  There was absolutely nothing that they could do in order to keep the Trump Train from careening down the tracks, toward the White House, in record speed.  Hillary Clinton, the diva-like democratic candidate, was just far too flawed to ever be considered a serious contender in the eyes of the American people, and the left was acutely aware of this situation.  In order to divert attention away from the skeletons in the former first lady’s closet, the left concocted a plan to label republican candidate Donald Trump as a racist.

This merely opened Pandora’s Box, however, as an army of radical liberals began declaring that everything was racist, in some form or another.

Now, in what we hope is one of the last examples of this outright silliness, the left has now declared the concept of farmer’s markets to be bigotry incarnate.

“San Diego State University geography professors Pascale Joassart-Marcelli and Fernando J. Bosco contend that farmers’ markets are ‘white spaces’ oppressing minorities in a chapter for ‘Just Green Enough,’ an environmental anthology focused on urban development.

“The professors, as reported by Campus Reform, say farmers’ markets are ‘exclusionary’ because locals cannot ‘afford the food and/or feel excluded from these new spaces.’

“The SDSU professors, who teach classes like ‘Geography of Food’ and ‘Food Justice,’ argue that ‘farmers’ markets are often white spaces where the food consumption habits of white people are normalized.’

“They claim that, while ‘curbing gentrification is a vexing task,’ the negative externalities of ‘white habitus’ formed at farmers’ markets can be managed through ‘slow and inclusive steps that balance new initiatives and neighborhood stability to make cities ‘just green enough.'”

This sort of political correctness run amok is, in many ways, why the liberals have failed so miserably in recent elections.

The American people are wholly unnerved by the idea that academia is promoting this sort of equity-inducing white noise, (no pun intended), when the United States was founded on the principles of equality…not manufactured worth.

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