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New Hampshire GOP Headquarters Hits by Radical Leftist Vandals

There is an ugly truth being revealed about the radical left, and it is manifesting itself in some of the most ridiculous ways possible.

All week, the nation has been reeling from the horrific events of the Weekend War of Charlottesville in which three were left dead after race riots broke out in the street.

The impetus of the violence is a quite convoluted tale of white nationalists and neo-Nazis who were attempting to protect a Confederate monument from being torn down in the Virginia city.  The shallow nature of their protest was quickly discerned , given that these groups are simply appropriating the American Civil War for their own notoriety, and counter protesters arrived en masse to make their voices heard as well.

Unfortunately, in this group of counter protesters were factions of the increasingly violent radical left, including the “black bloc” tacticians of the ironically named “Antifa” movement who simply arrived in Charlottesville to create chaos and headlines for themselves.

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When it was all said and done, our nation’s chasm-like divide was suddenly more apparent than ever.  The radical left’s attempt to paint the republican party, the President, and American conservatives as Nazi sympathizers began to take shape in the media aftermath.

Now, anywhere you look on social media or in traditional news formats, there is a very real sense of the New Civil War that began back in June with the congressional baseball shooting carried out by Bernie Sanders campaign worker James T. Hodgkinson.  The only difference today is that the left has somehow warped the minds of malleable millennials across the social media spectrum, turning their disdain for the violence of Charlottesville into a hatred for all things GOP.

This has carried through into violence and vandalism across the nation, including in New Hampshire, where the state’s republican headquarters were recently vandalized.

“The New Hampshire Republican Party headquarters was spray painted with the word “Nazis” inside a hand-drawn heart Wednesday night.

“Concord Police found the vandalism Thursday morning.

“Police say the vandals also threw rocks through several of the windows and other graffiti had been spray painted on the outside of the building.

“Concord Police Lieutenant Sean Ford says the vandalism is evidence of the times.

“’In today’s atmosphere, I think we all can agree that this is not a tolerable message to put on any surface. The message itself is extremely concerning to this police department and I’m sure in the community at large,’ Ford said”

This is just the tip of the radical leftist iceberg, unfortunately.

With several rallies neo-Nazi and white nationalist rallies around the nation being planned for Saturday, it looks as though the violence will likely continue.

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