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New Hampshire Back in The Crosshairs of Voter Fraud Commission

The Trump administration has been working tirelessly to get to the bottom of the rampant voter fraud that occurred in 2016, and New Hampshire has been a focus of the investigation for some time.

Democrats have long brushed aside claims of voter fraud of any kind, attempting to downplay the significance of the abhorrent act.  Of course, their denial of the widespread reality of voter fraud has only fueled speculation as to why these supposedly patriotic Americans would not be interested in a full accounting of the effected elections.

Most political experts have come to the conclusion that the democrats are not publicly concerned about voter fraud due to the fact that it almost never adversely effects them.  This has been seen as a strange coincidence, of course, with even the simpler minds in punditry easily coming to the conclusion that the democrats are all too happy with the results of fraudulent balloting.

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This is why the President’s hopes of looking into the issue were quashed by a great many democratic leaders around the nation, who are praying that they can sweep the appointed investigators under the rug and continue benefitting from their obliviousness.

New Hampshire, however, may be far too corrupt to let slide.

“Members of President Trump’s election integrity commission clashed Tuesday over new claims that thousands of out-of-state voters may have swung last year’s election in New Hampshire in Democrats’ favor.

“With the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity holding its second meeting in New Hampshire, the allegations took center stage.

“Co-chairman Kris Kobach, Kansas’ Republican secretary of state, challenged the ‘legitimacy’ of last year’s blockbuster Senate election in New Hampshire.

“New Hampshire’s longtime Secretary of State Bill Gardner, a Democrat, fired back, saying the results were ‘real and valid.’

“The session at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics came less than a week after Kobach charged in a column on that voter fraud in the Granite State may account for Democrat Maggie Hassan’s narrow Senate victory last November over incumbent Republican Kelly Ayotte.”

Once again, we have a democratic candidate proving successful in the wake of a massive voter fraud scandal.

Unsurprisingly, the response on the left has been muted.  The mainstream media has made little effort to cover these developments in order to protect the democrats from the accusations of complicity within the practice – something has long been understood as a reality of politics in America for some time.

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